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Learn to Skate

Clifton Park Ice Arena offers Learn To Skate classes for all ages (age 3 - Adult) and all levels, all year long. Now in it’s 16th year, our highly trained staff offers a Basic Skills standardized Learn-to-Skate program, a perfect beginning for future figure skaters, hockey players and recreational skaters.

Plenty of Class Space!
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Classes start:  Wednesday, Sept 12 - 2018  (7 weeks)              

Must register in advance!

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This structured program is designed to increase interest and participation in ice skating. The program provides a nurturing environment where skills are broken down into progressive, achievable levels that encourage skater development, beginner to advanced skater.

The Clifton Park Ice Arena Learn to Skate program is offered in group lessons with a low student to teacher ratio.  To get more information call 518-383-5440 or email

Basic 1& 2:  These programs offer specialized instruction for three to six year-olds with the emphasis on fun.  Also ideal for young, first time skaters. From standing up on ice to gliding,
turning and stopping, a great place to start and develop.

Beginning Skaters: Our Basic Skills program introduces skaters to the wonderful world of ice skating. Emphasizing fun and safety, lessons quickly generate confidence as new skaters develop skills and make new friends.

Basic Skills: This skating program guides new skaters through carefully graduated maneuvers, ensuring rapid progress over short time periods & providing direction and building competency in all important foundation moves. Forward and backward skating, stopping, turning and edges are taught in exciting, low cost group lessons.

Beginner to Advanced classes are offered to all ages, tots to adults.

Our Advanced Skills program offers a full ice, group lesson experience which focuses on development of skating skills, spins, jumps, stroking, etc.
The Advanced Skills program is a great bridge to higher level skating, providing value, fun  and camaraderie.

Skate Rentals are available:  $3.00 per session

To Register in Advance

Step 1:  Print and complete Application
Step 2:  Mail with check payable to: 

Clifton Park Ice Arena
P.O. Box 5384
Clifton Park, NY 12065

To Register in Person (in advance)

Step 1:  Print and complete Application
Step 2:  Bring completed Form & Payment (after 3:00 pm) to: 

Clifton Park Ice Arena
16 Clifton Common Blvd
Clifton Park, NY 12065

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