35 Buckeyes participating in the 2022 Bucks Go Pro 1.0 class – Ohio State Buckeyes


The Ohio State University Athletics Department has announced the Bucks Go Pro 1.0 Class of 2022 for 2022. Consisting of a total of 35 student-athletes representing 22 athletic programs, the group will intern within the Athletics Department , on campus and with off-campus companies.

Class BUCKS GO PRO 1.0 2022

The Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute’s longest-running program, the Bucks Go Pro Internship Program 1.0, takes place over eight weeks during the summer and provides student-athletes with valuable hands-on work experience. The program includes an educational program focused on areas such as networking, leadership and personal finance.

The Bucks Go Pro 2.0 Internship Program allows student-athletes to gain intensive internship experience in a multitude of roles with over 30 companies. The Ohio State Department of Athletics is extremely grateful to our partners who have helped take this program to the next level. Experiences delivered through BGP 2.0 have grown 153% since our pilot program in summer 2018.

The two internship programs aim to:

  1. Provide student-athletes with meaningful work experience in a professional setting
  2. Help improve the resumes of student-athletes
  3. Teach student-athletes to develop a network of colleagues
  4. Extend the reference of our student-athletes beyond their teachers and coaches
  5. Help our student-athletes better prepare for life after college and represent Ohio State with class in their professional endeavors.

Class Bucks Go Pro 1.0 2022
Student-athlete – Sport (department)

Ari Allen – Men’s Lacrosse (HR)
Nina Andrianos – Dance (Nutrition)
Benjamin Braun – Men’s Volleyball (Creative Services)
Riley Brengman – Women’s Ice Hockey (Camps)
Eugene Brown – Men’s Basketball (Life Sports)
Josie Cahall – Dance (Athletic Communications)
Zachary Cicero – Football (Event Management)
Jonathan Edwards – Men’s Swimming and Diving (Sport Ops)
Taji Flynn – Men’s Lacrosse (Centre for Entrepreneurship)
Caitlin Foley – Women’s Soccer (Office of Student Life)
Maya Geringer – Women’s Swimming and Diving (Office of Student Life)
Mary Jaskoviak – Rowing (athletic training)
Derek Keizer – Rifle (Tickets)
Jean-Pierre Khouzam – Swimming and Diving Men (Nutrition)
Abigail Kuhn – Women’s Athletics (Business Office)
Jack Leverett – Male Pistol (IT)
Sarah Morbitzer – Women’s Volleyball (Wexner – Nutrition Services)
Hannah Oliveros – Women’s Gymnastics (Digital Media)
Jesslene O’Loughlin – Dance (Human Performance Collaborative – Research)
Emma Pritchard – Women’s Gymnastics (Trademark and License)
Rylee Rader – Women’s Volleyball (Sports Administration)
Nicole Riccardi – Women’s Gymnastics – Center for Innovation Strategies)
Sarah Richards – Field Hockey (Wexner – Nutrition Services)
Jadon Roberson – Men’s Gymnastics (Marketing)
Emily Ruck – Softball (Sports Ops)
John Satterfield – Men’s Swimming and Diving (Investment Office)
Leah Sax – Women’s Lacrosse (OSU Physicians)
Sydney Taylor – Women’s Volleyball (Development)
Amanda Thiele – Women’s Ice Hockey (Compliance and Integrity Office)
Bobby Van Buren – Men’s Lacrosse (Strength and Conditioning)
Peter Van Euwen – Men’s soccer (camps)
Caroline Walsh – Synchronized Swimming (Compliance)
Nolan Williams – Men’s Fencing (SPAWS)
Laurence Wootton – Men’s Football (The Blackwell)
Katherine Zenick – Women’s Swimming and Diving (SPAWS)

Class Bucks Go Pro 2.0 2022
Student-athlete – Sport (corporate)

Kamryn Babb – Soccer (Porter Wright)
Claire Bauer – Rowing (Basil Insurance Group)
Marley Blanchard – Dance (Lineage)
Nicole Boudus – Dance (MB Leadership, LLC)
Irina Cantos – Women’s Tennis (Serif Creative)
Abby Danson – Field Hockey (Power and Thayer Communication)
Reed Davis – Men’s Football (Ticketing Solutions/Cheaper Tickets)
Christopher Dowling – Men’s Soccer (Rockbridge Capital)
Marcus Ernst – Baseball (Copper Run)
Amy Fulmer – Women’s Swimming and Diving (Children’s National Hospital)
Brendan Gass – Bravo (Novvia Software)
Libby Gilbert – Women’s Swimming and Diving (American Athlete Health Board)
Ali Gordon – Field Hockey (Simple Times Mixers)
Tegan Grant – Women’s Ice Hockey (Frazier Financial)
Alfred Hansen – Men’s Swimming and Diving (Learfield/Ohio State Sports Properties)
Carter Hilleary – Men’s Lacrosse (Rite Mat)
Emily Hummer – Women’s Golf (Hexion)
Sarah Johnson – Women’s Lacrosse (Kayne Law)
Kathleen Jones – Women’s Tennis (Rite Mat)
Grace Klein – Rowing (Bridgeway Academy)
Mia Lachey – Women’s Swimming and Diving (Columbus Partnership)
Delaney Lawler – Field Hockey (Learfield Ticket Solutions)
Megan McNutt – Rowing (Children’s National Hospital)
Teradja Mitchell – Football (EDSLI + NIL)
Claire Morris – Women’s Lacrosse (e-bike)
Jack Myers – Men’s Lacrosse (Budros, Ruhlin & Roe)
Caley O’Brien – Women’s Lacrosse (Learfield Ticket Solutions)
Erin O’Neil – Women’s Lacrosse (National Insurance)
Elizabeth Paul – Rowing (Bread Financial)
Natalie Quinn – Dance (Children’s National Hospital)
Tyler Rockwood – Men’s Gymnastics (Equitable Advisors)
Catherine Russo – Women’s Swimming and Diving (Children’s National Hospital)
Zoe Schweitzer – Women’s Gymnastics (Special Olympics)
Jake Seibert – Soccer (Rogue)
Zoe Shay-Tannas – Women’s Fencing (Rogue)
Ryan Smith – Soccer (MB Leadership, LLC)
Kyra Sommerstad – Women’s Swimming and Diving (Femergy)
Owen Sullivan – Men’s Soccer (Columbus Crew)
Jacob Synder – Men’s Lacrosse (National Insurance)
Brooke Thayer – Dance (Thayer Power and Communications)
Ashley Turner – Women’s Lacrosse (Special Olympics)
Montserrat Viveros – Fencing (Versiti)
Aislinn Walsh – Women’s Swimming and Diving (Hershey)



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