5 K-Pop Artists Who Were Also Pro Athletes: From Got7’s Jackson Wang to Wei’s Kim Yohan

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Not only sports fans, but also K-idols were captivated by the Beijing Winter Olympics. Several stars, like BTS’s RM and Aespa’s Ningning, expressed their support for their favorite athletes as they raced for the podium. In addition to being fans, here are five K idols who have professional sports backgrounds and notable athletic skills, which may have secured them a spot in the Olympics.

1. Got7’s Jackson Wang – fencing

While Jackson Wang is best known as a K-pop idol, he was also a skilled fencer before pursuing a career in music. Jackson learned fencing from his father as a teenager, from a family of gold-medal athletes. He joined the official Hong Kong junior team as a Youth Olympic level saber at the age of 16.

2. Enhypen’s Sunghoon – figure skating

Sunghoon, a member of the famous fourth generation group of Enhypen, was once a stylish international figure skater. Sunghoon has competed in top level tournaments around the world with a decade of ice skating expertise.

3. Winner’s Seungyoon – Billiards

According to AllKpop, Seungyoon was a professional pool player. He says he started playing pool during his third year of college before deciding to become an idol. He then won the Korea National Sports Festival in Busan after training with the Professional Billiards Association.

4. The Lion of Vixx – soccer

There is no doubt that Vixx’s Leo can sing well, but he also excels in another sport: football. Although there are a few male celebrities who love football, Leo took his passion for the game to the next level by showcasing his abilities and playing for South Korea’s youth teams for three years, from 2004 to 2007, according to KpopStarz. .

5. Kim Yohan of Wei – taekwondo

Kim Yohan may seem humble, but as a fully trained taekwondo fighter, he could definitely take on anyone in a real street battle. Yohan trained in taekwondo for 13 years, according to Soompi, and became a formidable competitor who won the Korea National Sports Festival twice.

Source: scmp-com

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