5 to 10: Mailbag on a few questions from Lookouts, actors made for certain roles, Flag Football team of all time


BOISE, Idaho – We returned to 423 today. Alas.

It’s been an amazing trip, but it’s time to get back to the everyday. In truth, anyone living on vacation would force me to find a second job.


To the bag.

From Steve

Have a good trip west. I have family in Emmett, Idahosay Hi to them for me while you pass by. Loved the [email protected] as usual and loved the Vinny Gambini mention. Great character and movie. Did you do a Rushmore of actors who “fit the role”?


Thanks for reading and the kind words my man. I haven’t seen you family, but given the random places we’ve been to – Stanley, McCoy, Wydaho, the area just across the Idaho-Wyoming line – I may have and I didn’t know that.

Great Rushmore suggestion and it leads me to three places.
First of all my off the cuff answer is Costner as Crash Davis, Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber, Matthew McConaughey in all the roles he plays Matthew McConaughey in and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector with honorable mentions to the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader and every actor in every role in “Caddyshack”.

Second, the number of “almost” scripts actors offered roles they turned down that could have changed the great movies of all time forever is a rabbit hole where you could spend the rest of the weekend. . Like the folks at “Bull Durham” wanted Kurt Russell not Costner to be Crash. Tom Select was almost Indiana Jones. John Travolta was almost Forrest Gump.

Finally, we run too late this morning to arrive at the Rushmores. We’ll take care of those on the plane.

Thank you this week for all your patience as we created some great memories with the 5 out of 10 clan at Gem State.

At Sportsfan

Has Weston Wamp just demonstrated that if elected he will lead on the basis of poll data? Haven’t we recently spent 8 years making decisions based on looks in future campaigns rather than what might be best for the community?

sports fan

No, I do not think so.

I think this poll was a last-ditch – and in my opinion futile – effort to turn the tide on a project that feels like its hay has been put in the barn.

Because, in terms of reasoning, using a poll this late in the conversation is one thing. Use a poll of the public (i.e. the voice of voters) in the event of a disagreement with the leadership of a county that has only one of its 10 elected decision makers in office in the coming weeks is hollow.

I know a lot of people who want this resort, like you Sportsfan. I can see a lot of value in this complex.

But I know a lot of people who think our financing and bond offerings can be used in different ways. And yes, that bond is coming back — but it’s still the best no-down payment loan a business owner will ever see — over three decades, but there are more pressing needs.

Because, while the outgoing mayor and the six commissioners who will not return enjoy a freedom to vote that must be liberating, no one was yet ready to fall on the RP grenade that is the new water treatment installation. waste including our county’s growing needs.

Then there are the school issues, and the two biggest issues I have with people in the pro stadium is a) why in the name of common sense Hardball Capital and the owners of Lookouts can’t not put a big chunk up front, and b) tout $40 million to schools over less than 30 years when the school budget – if it stays the same as it is today, that which will not be the case – over this period will be on the order of tens of billions of dollars is laughable and not commendable.

I think at this point in the discussion – I’ve thought since before I left for the North West last week it’s a wrap – it’s about political positioning and posturing as much as anything .

Because when the stadium arrives, if it turns out to be a success, Jim Coppinger and the previous regime will get the credit and it will be a shining star in his legacy.

If he wobbles and misses, the folks leading the way in building this thing (which will almost certainly be Weston and at least eight new commissioners – the six open seats and the two new ones) will take the blame.

If that happens, Weston can definitely have the “I told you so then” card to play.

From British Columbia

Has anyone ever said what kind of return Hard Ball Capital expects from their initial $0 investment? Every time Jason Freier speaks, he makes Wamp’s case better.

In Savannah, baseball didn’t go away when Hard Ball took their team to Colombia. I’ve been told the Savannah Bananas are playing hard. I don’t know from my own knowledge, but understand that it’s a cross between baseball and the Globetrotters and it’s popular.

Enjoy this spectacular landscape.


Thanks, that was amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a honeypot for Lookouts owners.

As for getting an extension of the Savannah Bananas – and your info is right, they’re killing it there, and here’s more – it’s an apple for fellow Bananas, I’m afraid.

Because, let’s clear up a few misconceptions there in my opinion. > Whether the Lookouts go to the Southside or South Dakota, AT&T will be flattened. This property is too valuable, so where would the Chattanooga Stooges play? Engel needs way too much work.

> The letters I received about this initiative from MLB are not incorrect, but MLB’s involvement in this initiative has gone from being critical of Harball Capital to being practical. Freier and his co-owners settled on a new stadium long before MLB said the first word on better facilities, and they were considering the property shortly after buying Frank Burke’s team at the time.

Now that MLB is involved and a third party is holding the Lookouts hostage, it’s a much easier sell for Coppinger and the stadium fans to the public than the message of Freier and Co. playing Hardball and holding the hostage community.

But know that the latter was coming, whether MLB was involved or not. That MLB is involved, however, is also undeniable.

From Chas

Friday Sack Question: How did Lamont Paris attract the No. 1 player for the Class of 2023 (GG Jackson) from UNC? The Heels have never had a player signed to another school before.


Back in the old school days, say 2020, before the wild and crazy days of NIL, UNC fans and hoop junkies would have shouted “CHEATS” about South Carolina taking rookie No. 1 hoops of a Carolina blue blood like heels.

Now it’s business as usual.

And I don’t know the NIL avenues that Lamont and USC have, and who knows, Lamont is a super lovely guy who can look at GG Jackson and say, “If I can make a mid-level recruit like Malachi Smith a guy who give Gonzaga a chance to win it all, imagine what I can do for you?”

Then consider the part where GG Jackson wants to upgrade so he can be able to enter the 2023 NBA draft and really get paid. If he reclassifies now and goes to Chapel Hill, where the deepest and most experienced team in college hoops returns, well, that’s not ideal.

My money is still on USC money.

And that’s how the world works legally now.
Side note: this will make college basketball more competitive if you ask me, and NIL will have more competitive impact in hoops than in football because if GG Jackson really is Carmelo Anthony two decades later he can do all the difference for South Carolina.

And schools like South Carolina can pony up all their NIL efforts to a five star which can make a huge difference to previous years of UK, Duke, UNC and the big boys stocking 80% of nations top-20 recruits .

From JTC

Which Braves manager has made the biggest difference in their ATL history? Cox or Snit or? Who could be in line to replace Snit? Is Snit a hall of fame manager?


The answer has two options.

I think Joe Torre in the early 1980s made the biggest difference because he showed everyone that winning was actually doable with those Braves teams.

The manager with the most impact was of course general manager John Schuerholz, who traded Doyle Alexander for John Smoltz, drafted a hockey player named Glavine three rounds higher than anyone expected and took Chipper Jones No. unanimous top prospect Todd Van Poppel.

Snit is better suited to the modern game than Cox ever would have been. Although with the way Andruw Jones made Bobby Cox swear and curse, imagine the connipations Ronald Acuña would have caused the old man? It would have been fun to watch.

And there’s 100% the argument that Snit has done more with less compared to the last decade and more of the Braves’ 14-year NL East title streak which, disappointingly, only yielded a only world title.

Snit is not yet a Hall of Famer, but another title secures him.


What’s not Fran Tarkenton in your all-time flag football team?

put on

Excellent question and one that I should have expanded on, I suppose.

Fran would be a good choice, but rather than Vick? PUH-lease.

Speed ​​is essential, but so is speed. And juking.

So give me Barry Sanders in the backfield next to Vick. Pick and choose wide receivers however you want on the perimeter, and we could debate it all you want.

That said, I have two other must-haves: Lawrence Taylor and Montez Sweat rushing the passer, and Deion Sanders will play both ways. Game on and gold medals for everyone.

Enjoy the weekend friends.


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