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For Tomah High School senior Aly Simon, the 7 Rivers Figure Skating Club has meant many different things over the years.

It started as a place to take skating lessons when Aly first stepped onto the ice, just a week before he was 4 years old.

It became a place to be trained in her skills as a skater and then to coach herself, taking on her own students and passing on the knowledge gained over the hours and years on the ice.

It’s a place to learn new skills, like how to choreograph a program.

It’s a place to build relationships, forged over hours spent within the walls of the rink, preparing for the club’s annual spring shows, cheering on fellow club members at competitions, and celebrating session wins. successful tests.

“I love everything about skating,” Aly said. “I appreciate the hard work and dedication needed to succeed. I like to compete. I enjoy coaching, meeting new people and making lifelong friendships. Many people at the club are my second family. I have always loved skating and the club, so I continue to do so.

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While her time as a skater with the club will end with her senior year, Aly plans to continue skating when she attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall, where she will study nursing, with the ultimate goal of pursuing a career as an obstetrician.

The University has a figure skating club where Aly can continue to skate several times a week and compete throughout the year. And, with a nearby figure skating club similar to the one she rose through the ranks at, Aly also has an interest in eventually coaching while in Madison.

It took hard work and good time management to get where she is today, but the lessons learned on the ice also translate very well.

“I think the most important thing I learned from skating was discipline,” Aly said. “From testing to competitions, there are strict rules that must be followed. It’s still nerve-wracking, but so worth it in the end.

Along with her time on the ice teaching the discipline, Aly said coaching her own students has taught her another big life lesson: patience.

At Tomah High School, Aly is a member of the National Honor Society, Health Professions Students of America, and Link Crew. Getting off to a good start in her future career, she also works as a CNA at the VA hospital.

Somewhere between school, work, extracurricular activities, and time at the rink, she finds time for her hobbies: painting, puzzles, turkey hunting, camping, fishing, kayaking, quad biking, and crafting. TikToks.

While discipline and patience have played a role in Aly’s success on and off the ice, she credits her parents as playing an even bigger role.

“My parents supported me in every way possible,” she said. “First, they always paid me to do everything from training to competing and testing. Before I could drive, they always got me where I needed to be. They were there every step of the way to help me out. encourage and push me to do my best. They always encourage me to try new things.

She said her trainer, Katie Wales, has also taught her well over the years, including many new moves and how to “skate nicely”, as she calls it.

The many years of lessons and practice time have certainly paid off. Today, Aly is the top-tested skater at 7 Rivers Figure Skating Club and is preparing to take her junior field moves and intermediate free skate tests this spring.

At the same time, Aly, along with the other 7 Rivers skaters, prepare for the club’s annual spring show. The 2022 show, themed “A Wickedly Twisted Happily Ever After,” will take place April 1-2, with shows at 7 p.m. on April 1 and 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on April 2 at the Tomah Ice Center.

Aly will be in seven numbers on the show, including her senior solo, and while she appreciates the chance to perform, after 14 years with the 7 Rivers Figure Skating Club, she said she wasn’t looking forward to it. this will be his last show.

“This club is an important part of my life and I will miss every part of it,” she said, “You can rest assured that you will see me here again as soon as possible!”


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