A handful of fishermen make their way to Topaz


Tom Blotter bringing a fish back to Topaz Lake.
Doug Busey | Special to RC

Hello fishermen friends. Welcome to 2022, Hopefully the snow doesn’t stop coming.

We need the snowpack to transport us in summer and fall. At the top of the Sierra I had ratios of 150-180 inches, while in the higher lakes such as Caples Lake they received 90 inches at the resort.

The New Year has brought us a new normal which is very unsettling. Lake Topaz this year only had a handful of boat fishermen and a lower number of anglers for the 2022 fishing season.

Yes, there will never be another opening day like we remember from years past. When I finally arrived at the lake on January 2, there was not a single camper on the east shore. This could be the result of the excessive storms we have had over the past two weeks. I, too, am guilty of not coming up on December 31st to participate in the celebration due to the unknown weather conditions.

But I’m here to say the lake is going up and the fishing was good. I fished with Tom Blotter for an afternoon, and we caught three beautiful bold rainbows. The county ramp is open and the dock is in place for the launch. Please note that over the next month they will alternate launch sides on the ramp. This is to install protection against waking up from floating logs. Which will help us all get out of the lake one of those windy days.

While at Topaz Lake, we had the privilege of chatting with a few members of NDOW. They set up a boat inspection station to help protect the lake from unwanted mussels. The inspection is free for boaters. If for some reason you need to have your vessel decontaminated, they can do it on site. What we all need to remember when exiting a body of water is to clean, drain and dry any compartments that may hold water. This includes your living well if you are equipped.
LAKE TOPAZ: The water level rises slowly. Be careful when navigating the lake, there is still debris on the lake from the Walker River water intake. The east shore had no snow on its shores. Shore fishing was just for anglers using Powerbaits or night crawlers. We chatted with a few boaters who had some beautiful rainbows. They used small turn signals and a night robot. The Rapalas have been productive as well, I would recommend changing your color pattern to see which produced the best that day. We like to use a black / gold-black / silver or perch pattern. The Topaz landing stage is open for launching boats. Boat rentals are not available at this time, but they do offer a mooring at the marina. As a reminder, the Topaz Lodge is not organizing its annual derby this year. But when you visit the lodge, remind them how much you’ve enjoyed the derby in recent years and how much you would love to see it return.
LAKE CAPLES: The lake has 2-3 feet of snow on the ice. There have been a few ice fishermen, but I haven’t had any reports of how much ice is on it. I’ll venture out next week and have a better relationship.
RED LAKE: The lake has a few feet of snow on the ice covered lake. A few fishermen went out, but no report on the thickness of the ice.
INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake is open to fishing. The asphalt road can be icy in places, but with our heat wave approaching, it should be clear soon. The dirt road off Diamond Valley is a bit muddy in places. The campground is closed for the 2022 season to be cleaned and cleared of the Tamarack fire and to continue on the new bathroom and shower facilities. For more information, stop by the Creekside Inn.
CARSON RIVER EAST FORK CTÉ CALIFORNIA: Fishing has been slow due to fluctuating flows. Catch and release with artificial lures or flies only with barbless hooks until the last Saturday in April. For more information, stop by the Carson River Resort.
WALKER RIVER EAST FORK CTÉ NEVADA: I have heard good deeds of brown trout. I’ll spend a day or two and get a full report.
I have been in communication with the CDFW regarding this year’s fishing license. A 2022 license is valid from January 1 to December 31. Now, in the assembly, Bill 817 which was adopted and signed by the Governor. This will take effect in 2023. It will be a fishing license for 365 days from the day of purchase. Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you get a photo of your take, send it to [email protected] Hope to see you soon on the water. Good fishing and tight lines


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