A new way to party for the post-pandemic era

As the world slowly begins to reopen, the forgotten art of party planning becomes relevant again. But maybe you are feeling a little rusty after all this free time. Fortunately, Party in numbers is here to help you come together gracefully – with minimal thought or effort.

If you are looking to accommodate a minimum of 8 people in your home, a few quick and easy questions from their website will get you a personalized and stylish office with absolutely everything you need delivered right to your door: food and drink, dishes, even ice.

Billed as the “Swiss Army Knife of Entertainment”, the patented PxN Cart contains 13 compartments as well as a step-by-step manual and style guide. It serves as a cocktail bar throughout the function. And after the guests have left, a dedicated team picks up everything with an emphasis on simplicity and sustainability. Plastic packaging and single-use accessories that go with many organized events are missing. Prices range from $ 110 to $ 190 per person, depending on the range of food options you prefer.

The New York-based concept is the original idea of ​​creatives Nicky balestrieri and Luigi Tadini, in collaboration with the catering duo Bob spiegel and TJ Girard of Pinch food design. Forbes spoke with the founders to learn more about how the project was designed and who the target audience is.

We have seen the emergence of commendable party services and tablescapes over the past couple of years – what sets PxN apart from other commendable party services?

Nicky Balestrieri: “To be honest, that was part of the impetus of the project. Commendable tablescapes are awesome – who has a set of 16 fabulous theme-specific items lying around for Mother’s Day? The problem with what is offered in commendable tablescapes is that it only concerns one type of event – meals, leaving out the tough stuff. Meal planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, liquor store run, ice cream run, florist order… I could go on. When we decided to create Party by Numbers, we realized that we had to do more for the experience market. We wanted our customers to order an entire party – food, cocktails, rentals, serving items, decor, lighting, music, perfume – from one easy-to-use shopping destination.

“In addition, we wanted to make it sustainable. So the cart that serves as a stylish party bar is the delivery device, and when you’re done you just put everything back in the cart for pickup (no waste and no fuss). Party by Numbers is in a class of its own when it comes to what is offered to our customers, because it truly is a complete party out of the box. “

Who is Party by Numbers for?

“Our client is the host: the home entertainer, the event enthusiast, the company party planner and the venue operator who wants to be able to do what we do. It’s as much a fun Friday night with friends as it is the solution for small-scale special events like gallery openings, real estate showcases, small weddings, and trunk shows, because it’s a stylish, comprehensive and affordable to entertain. More broadly, today’s consumer has a craving for personalization without wanting to invest the time necessary for its creation. Working remotely, raising a family, and maintaining our inherent social nature leaves little time to conceive, design, plan, organize, cook, pour, serve, and ultimately host. Party by Numbers responds to the growing demand for more intimate experiences, a unique opportunity that has been particularly illuminated in these times of pandemic. “

How did you come up with menus and dishes that reflect each basket theme?

Bob Spiegel: “During my 35 years as a chef, I have developed more than a thousand menus with different themes. These six Party by Number looks are in my wheelhouse because I was lucky enough to have eaten a lot in each of our thematic countries. It took months to balance the flavors and colors on the menu, with crunch always being the end goal. Making sure that the heat, acidity, sweetness and bitterness shows up in predictable and surprising places is always fun when designing a menu. I want to imagine someone’s eyes light up when they take a bite. Then, since all of our dishes are presented in a festive setting, each element must stand out independently or as part of a group. “

With your excellent catering chops, tell us how you made dishes that last the whole party?

“For health and safety reasons, prepared foods are precooked when they arrive at the party. It is perfectly simmered, mixed, seasoned and roasted. All we ask is that a few items be reheated, so that they keep that state of bliss. Through experience, like preparing a picnic, we learned which food worked best over time. All our menus have been designed around this learning. For example, instead of making and mixing a Caesar salad, we pin a half a head of gem lettuce and garnish it with all types to make crispy sunflower seeds and grated parma.

Explain how you designed each food as a perfect bite – what makes the perfect party dish?

“Do you know when you lay your food on your fork with the perfect marriage of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce and peas? This may only happen 3-4 times during your meal, but it’s a real satisfaction. We make our appetizers with that in mind, the perfect proportions, crunchy, silky, aromatic and spicy, all hitting you in different parts of your mouth. Like our figs in a blanket, spicy merguez, soaked figs, crunchy puff pastry and pickled fennel. The perfect piece.

Where does PxN stand with its sustainability and eco-practices as a business?

TJ Girard: “Partying can be frivolous, but it shouldn’t be a waste. So we built Party by Numbers as a sustainable business. Our initiatives improve processes throughout the life of your event – from the upstream supply chain to our day-to-day operations and to the party itself – we achieve our goals by using sustainable food + drinks, carbon neutrality sustainable and 100% zero waste commitment. In partnership with James Beard Foundation 2020 “Humanitarian of the year” Zero food footprint, we are also looking to the future, funding the future of sustainable agriculture so that organic and responsibly sourced products are not a luxury.

How did you find all the matching items on the shopping cart? Can guests buy them?

“After years of sourcing on our travels and perusing the aisles of many design shows… we have assembled a vast collection of artisans and vendors from around the world. So when we identified the destination inspirations for our first six looks, we started organizing within the group of international companies we had worked with over the years and then sprinkled with new artisans that we found. specific to the needs of Party By Numbers. We plan to sell these items in the future, but our current focus is on providing party carts! “

As summer approaches, is the PxN working / working outside the house?

Luigi Tadini: “Utility drove the design of our cart. During the months of development, we thought about all the possible use opportunities our guests could dream of and how best to serve them. With all of us looking towards summer ahead, we wanted to create something that could be enjoyed outdoors as easily as in a New York City apartment without compromising on style. Everything you need for a party fits in the cart. That means ice cream for your pre-made cocktails to a fully charged wireless Bose speaker. Our “all-terrain” wheels and protective layer allow our team to roam your backyard or over Hampton’s roughest terrain.

Where do you see Party by Numbers come to life?

“For many years, Nicky [Balestrieri] and I’ve always dreamed of creating a product direct to the consumer – a desire we shared with our Pinch Food Design partners after years of creating extravagant parties for every type of brand. The spark behind our Party by Numbers idea was ignited during the pandemic when we were all rooted in our homes, and the precious moments that typically mark our lives have come to an end. We set out to create something that would bring our unique formula of entertainment to people and applied our collective expertise in the industry to simplify the process and make it accessible to all hosts. We see the versatility of the product and one that can serve consumers in the privacy of their home from a small dinner party or birthday party to gallery openings and trunk shows. In any case, we see hosts as a client and event enthusiast who shares our belief in the value of the experience. “

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