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Adirondack Thunder players gather in a circle for Monday’s first training camp practice at Cool Insuring Arena. The Thunder were training for the first time in 19 months, after the 2020-21 season was canceled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Pete Tobey,

About a dozen fans watched the players practice skating and shooting during a 90-minute session.

“Today the guys were stepping under them,” Loh said.

“We were just dropping the cobwebs a bit today, chatting, communicating, getting your heart rate up and having fun, getting off on the right foot with what’s very new”, MacArthur said.

At 36, MacArthur is the oldest statesman on the team, a mentoring role he says he enjoys. He loves what he’s seen from this year’s Thunder squad so far.

“We had good energy on the ice,” he said. “We were probably a little rusty in terms of skills, but the effort was there, and what I like is that the guys liked it. If you enjoy your job you will improve faster, so that was an encouraging start.

“It was a great skate – the guys worked really hard,” Loh said. “The execution was a bit off, but I fully expected it – there are guys who haven’t played or skated in real practice for 18, 19 months. I’m not going to blame them. One thing I just wanted to see was the level of exertion, and it was there all the time.

Loh said the team will add two more skaters this week and may send more players from the Utica Comets or New Jersey Devils before the final cut to 23 on October 20.


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