Adult hockey league wraps up successful season


For obvious reasons, there was enormous uncertainty heading into this 2021/2021 men’s hockey league season over pandemic recoveries and ongoing measures to keep SCRD players and workers safe. Strict adherence to the public health officer’s COVID orders, including limiting spectators, masks and player vaccine passports, set the stage for what has been a very successful season for the Sunshine Coast Adult Hockey League (SCAHL).

Interest in hockey has never been greater on the Sunshine Coast, due to the influx of new families. We were able to expand the league by one team this year, from six teams to seven, when we added “The Sevens” to our league. A number of existing teams made adjustments and additions to their pre-pandemic rosters and at least five teams wore new uniforms to give the league a fresh look. The most recent look came last Saturday night as the Gibsons Marks Cutters softly debuted their newly sponsored The 101 Brewhouse + Distillery jerseys in their game against the Kings.

The 2021/2022 regular season ended in early March.

The final league standings before the playoffs saw the Sun Coast Kings top the standings. SCAHL’s points leader was Jake Wozney of the Sun Coast Kings with 103 points followed by Marc Chabot of the Custom Hawks with 88 points and Mac Roy of the Custom Hawks with 83 points. The top goaltender was James Hamilton with a 2.143 GAA followed by Jackson McIntosh of the Custom Hawks with a .882 GAA and Travis Goold of the Bruins with a 3.650 GAA.

SCAHL 2021/2022 final ranking:

Kings of the Sun Coast – 40 points

Custom Falcons – 38 points

Hitmen Ice Hockey Club – 19 points

Gibsons brand cutters – 10 points

The Seven – 10 points

The SCAHL playoffs conclude tomorrow night in Sechelt at the Sunshine Coast Arena. The teams competing for the gold medal game and the bronze medal game are the Custom Hawks, Bruins, Sun Coast Kings and Oilers. For those who want to watch the action, the SCAHL Finals are on Saturday, April 2. Playing hours are 7 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. at the Sunshine Coast Arena.

As restrictions around the pandemic continue to lift, SCAHL is optimistic about the future of men’s hockey here on the Sunshine Coast and is always on the lookout for new players. Like last year, SCAHL will offer competitive shinny hockey in August when the ice returns. SCAHL is also actively looking for anyone interested in refereeing games for the upcoming season.

For new Sunshine Coast ice hockey players there is our fantastic Sunshine Coast Women’s Hockey League (SCWHL) which can be contacted at

For those interested in the 45+ (45+) hockey league, there are currently four teams (Shuckers, Relics, Rams and Breakers) playing here on the Sunshine Coast. There is also an active seniors group that plays as well as many groups that play organized hockey. Let’s not forget the variety of learn-to-play hockey slots, free slots and public skates offered by SCRD, which can be found at Ice hockey is thriving on the Sunshine Coast, so get out there and lace up your skates!

For more information on SCAHL, email [email protected] or message via the league’s Facebook page at[email protected]


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