Arena noise problem creates ice time bottleneck


Summer hockey in Tricenturena could be canceled

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Norfolk County may have to revise ice usage schedules this summer and fall due to a noise issue at Tricenturena in Waterford.

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Norfolk County designated the Tricenturena for summer ice after closing the Simcoe Recreation Center arena in 2019 to make way for a new Simcoe Seniors Center.

However, a long-standing noise problem at the Tricenturena has yet to be resolved and has resulted in a complaint to the Ministry of the Environment. Norfolk County has tried to expedite a repair, but the appointed contractor said he couldn’t install the noise barrier until October due to an ongoing shortage of building materials.

“It is with apprehension that I send this email,” Nikki Slote, director of recreation for Norfolk, said Friday in an email to user groups across the county.

“We need to be aware that there is a possibility that while capital work is underway to resolve and correct the noise issues, we may not be able to open the arena (Waterford) for summer ice. We will monitor the situation and seek to confirm if there are any implications for the start of the fall ice season at this rink.

“If this is the case, we will make every effort to ensure that user groups are hosted at other facilities. This is an unfortunate situation because we know how much our user groups – especially children – wait to return to the rinks. “

Compressor noise from ice-making equipment at Tricenturena has been a problem for residents of Main Street South for a number of years. A formal complaint was filed in 2019 and recreation staff took action to address the issue.

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County of Waterford. Kim Huffman revisited the matter at Tuesday’s Norfolk council meeting. Huffman is sensitive to neighbors’ concerns and will present a notice of motion “to provide noise reduction processes” at the Tricenturena on Tuesday before the ice is installed for the 2021-2022 hockey and figure skating season.

In an update to Norfolk Council on Thursday, county operations manager Bill Cridland said the compressor noise was slightly above MOE tolerances. Cridland warns that delaying the installation of the ice until the problem is corrected will cause time allocation issues for all user groups across the county.

Times could likely be changed, Cridland said, if ice could be set up early in Langton. However, ice traditionally does not enter the Langton Arena until October due to the building’s use by the community in September during the Langton Fair.

Like all fall fairs, the Langton Fair was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cridland says it’s too early to say whether the fair will be canceled for a second time this fall.

As it stands, Cridland said the delay at Waterford means the demand for almost 50 hours of ice per week at Norfolk will not be met until the problem is corrected. Waterford User Groups will need to be hosted elsewhere, meaning all User Groups will have to do with less to make room for them.

Plans were to turn on ice-making equipment in Waterford on Thursday, with ice available on July 25. In his memo to the board, Cridland says Norfolk user groups may have to forgo 302 hours of reserved ice time worth nearly $ 65,000 between July 25 and September 3 due to a shortage. ice available.

Tuesday’s Norfolk Council meeting begins at 1 p.m. The meeting is available for viewing on the county’s website.

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