Buffalo Bills fans are now singing this to Josh Allen


The media aspect of the job is one of the most overlooked things about being a professional athlete.

It takes practice and understanding to deal with the media on a weekly or even daily basis. To prepare for the questions posed in your direction and how to answer them appropriately, while ensuring you give enough charisma.

There are few betters in Buffalo sports right now than Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Allen always seems to say the right things and never gets too emotional after a question or a bad game. He also knows when to inject comedy into his soundbites. One such example occurred last Sunday.

After the Bills’ first practice at St. John Fisher University on Sunday morning, Allen spoke to the media and let everyone know why he was once again excited for the Bills’ camp at St. John Fisher.

Turkey burgers.

Allen says they make the best turkey burgers and he couldn’t wait to have them again. He said it was almost “TBT time”, which means turkey burger time.

According to ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg, who covers the Bills, after practice ended Tuesday, Allen was signing autographs and a fan yelled at her, “It’s turkey burger time, right?”

Jordan Poyer also said he’s been waiting three years for these turkey burgers, so Allen isn’t the only one who loves them.

I think we’re seeing some pretty creative turkey burger signs at the Bills’ home games at Highmark Stadium this season…

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