Canadian Figure Skater Sets World Record By Performing 5-Person Backflip


Canadian figure skater Elladj Baldé has entered the record books.

That is, the Guinness Book of World Records.

Baldé jumped over five friends to set a Guinness World Record for the most returnees, he shared on Instagram on Friday. He also broke the record for the longest backflip on ice, moving the mark to 20 feet.

“Yuuup I’m back with this series but this time I flipped more than 5 PEOPLE 😬 to set Guinness World Records for the most people turned back,” Baldé wrote in an Instagram post.

“And while I was at it, I also broke the record for the longest backflip on ice which now stands at 20 feet.

“It’s crazy to think that years ago this idea of ​​holding a Guinness World Record was just that, an idea. And now we’re here. provided some of the most fulfilling and magical experiences of my life.

Baldé, 31, co-founder of the Figure Skating Diversity and Inclusion Alliance, retired from competition in 2018 after suffering his fifth concussion.

He won a junior silver medal at the 2007 Canadian Championships and won the junior title at the 2008 Canadian Championships. He also finished eighth at the 2009 Junior World Championships and fourth at the 2012 Canadian Championships.

Baldé also appeared as a choreographer in Battle of the Blades Season 5 in 2019 and served as a judge for the Season 6 show in 2020.


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