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Eric and Michelle Jurisin’s new Strada à Bocce lit up the end of the old town on Saturday night. VVN / Vyto Starinskas

If you’re short on unique dining experiences to try in Cottonwood, you might want to head to the heart of Old Town to experience Eric and Michelle Jurisin’s latest dining experience – la Strada in Bocce.

You can’t miss it. It is lit like a big glowing candle.

Flames and a reddish glow illuminate the steel structure as it welcomes groups of curious people who enter the Old Town’s newest addition.

Strada at Bocce is an extension of the famous Pizzaria Bocce restaurant.

“It’s bigger and better pétanque,” ​​Jurisin explained.

There is no regular seating in the Strada like in the adjacent Bocce restaurant. Customers order their food from a window and sit where they want.

Sitting can mean alongside a row of flaming torches or in a second-tier boxcar, which makes patrons feel like they’re in a “treehouse,” Jurisin explained.

“The difference (compared to Bocce) is that it’s Neapolitan street food,” explained Jurisin, who greeted guests at the door on Saturday night. “It gives Bocce another place to hang out, but it’s almost a food truck mentality.”

People walk to a window, it’s self-service, he says. People come and go as they please and order as they please. “

There are “street foods” and appetizers on the menu, but even the pizza is made differently from Bocce, he said.

The Strada has its own oven which was brought back from Italy, Jurisin said. It has its own bar for cocktails.

“Bring the kids for ice cream, bring grandma,” he says. They make their own Gelato there.

The Strada menu offers seven pizzas including Pizza Montanara, “from the mountains of Naples”, and others called Margherita, Salsiccia and Fungi and the white clam.

Appetizers include everything from bruschetta to antipasti, artichokes and spinach, fries with truffles, caprese skewers, arancini, butcher’s platter and, of course, pétanque balls, which are meatballs. of chicken and sausage topped with hand stretch mozzarella.

“It’s a good place to hang,” Jurisin said. There is a great view of the Cottonwood trees while sitting on the second level.

There is a hope and a vision that the Strada will fit into the area of ​​the old town known as the Old Town Square, which is surrounded by a vineyard, a beer bar and several more. companies.

Jurisin said there was talk of live music and maybe even a small farmers market in the plaza.

The restaurant owner said he hired around 10 employees for La Strada and said staffing had been difficult.

“Staffing in the Verde Valley is in my opinion at crisis level,” Jurisin said. He said the labor shortage started with the popularity of vacation home rentals. He said the lack of affordable housing made it difficult to staff one of his restaurants.

Jurisin and his wife Michelle are owners of the Haunted Verde Valley Restaurant Group, which includes the Haunted Hamburger and Grapes Restaurant and Bar and Pizzeria in Jerome; Pizzeria Bocce, Nic’s Italian Steak & Crab House, Tavern Grille, Crema Craft Kitchen + Bar and the brand new Clinkscale restaurant in Jérôme.

The Strada makes the Bocce bigger and better, Jurisin explained. “What we now offer is self-service or full catering. You have your choice now.

The Strada at Bocce is located at 1060 N Main St, Cottonwood.

he can be reached at 928-202-3597 or via

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A new way to party for the post-pandemic era Sat, 08 May 2021 18:41:46 +0000

As the world slowly begins to reopen, the forgotten art of party planning becomes relevant again. But maybe you are feeling a little rusty after all this free time. Fortunately, Party in numbers is here to help you come together gracefully – with minimal thought or effort.

If you are looking to accommodate a minimum of 8 people in your home, a few quick and easy questions from their website will get you a personalized and stylish office with absolutely everything you need delivered right to your door: food and drink, dishes, even ice.

Billed as the “Swiss Army Knife of Entertainment”, the patented PxN Cart contains 13 compartments as well as a step-by-step manual and style guide. It serves as a cocktail bar throughout the function. And after the guests have left, a dedicated team picks up everything with an emphasis on simplicity and sustainability. Plastic packaging and single-use accessories that go with many organized events are missing. Prices range from $ 110 to $ 190 per person, depending on the range of food options you prefer.

The New York-based concept is the original idea of ​​creatives Nicky balestrieri and Luigi Tadini, in collaboration with the catering duo Bob spiegel and TJ Girard of Pinch food design. Forbes spoke with the founders to learn more about how the project was designed and who the target audience is.

We have seen the emergence of commendable party services and tablescapes over the past couple of years – what sets PxN apart from other commendable party services?

Nicky Balestrieri: “To be honest, that was part of the impetus of the project. Commendable tablescapes are awesome – who has a set of 16 fabulous theme-specific items lying around for Mother’s Day? The problem with what is offered in commendable tablescapes is that it only concerns one type of event – meals, leaving out the tough stuff. Meal planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, liquor store run, ice cream run, florist order… I could go on. When we decided to create Party by Numbers, we realized that we had to do more for the experience market. We wanted our customers to order an entire party – food, cocktails, rentals, serving items, decor, lighting, music, perfume – from one easy-to-use shopping destination.

“In addition, we wanted to make it sustainable. So the cart that serves as a stylish party bar is the delivery device, and when you’re done you just put everything back in the cart for pickup (no waste and no fuss). Party by Numbers is in a class of its own when it comes to what is offered to our customers, because it truly is a complete party out of the box. “

Who is Party by Numbers for?

“Our client is the host: the home entertainer, the event enthusiast, the company party planner and the venue operator who wants to be able to do what we do. It’s as much a fun Friday night with friends as it is the solution for small-scale special events like gallery openings, real estate showcases, small weddings, and trunk shows, because it’s a stylish, comprehensive and affordable to entertain. More broadly, today’s consumer has a craving for personalization without wanting to invest the time necessary for its creation. Working remotely, raising a family, and maintaining our inherent social nature leaves little time to conceive, design, plan, organize, cook, pour, serve, and ultimately host. Party by Numbers responds to the growing demand for more intimate experiences, a unique opportunity that has been particularly illuminated in these times of pandemic. “

How did you come up with menus and dishes that reflect each basket theme?

Bob Spiegel: “During my 35 years as a chef, I have developed more than a thousand menus with different themes. These six Party by Number looks are in my wheelhouse because I was lucky enough to have eaten a lot in each of our thematic countries. It took months to balance the flavors and colors on the menu, with crunch always being the end goal. Making sure that the heat, acidity, sweetness and bitterness shows up in predictable and surprising places is always fun when designing a menu. I want to imagine someone’s eyes light up when they take a bite. Then, since all of our dishes are presented in a festive setting, each element must stand out independently or as part of a group. “

With your excellent catering chops, tell us how you made dishes that last the whole party?

“For health and safety reasons, prepared foods are precooked when they arrive at the party. It is perfectly simmered, mixed, seasoned and roasted. All we ask is that a few items be reheated, so that they keep that state of bliss. Through experience, like preparing a picnic, we learned which food worked best over time. All our menus have been designed around this learning. For example, instead of making and mixing a Caesar salad, we pin a half a head of gem lettuce and garnish it with all types to make crispy sunflower seeds and grated parma.

Explain how you designed each food as a perfect bite – what makes the perfect party dish?

“Do you know when you lay your food on your fork with the perfect marriage of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce and peas? This may only happen 3-4 times during your meal, but it’s a real satisfaction. We make our appetizers with that in mind, the perfect proportions, crunchy, silky, aromatic and spicy, all hitting you in different parts of your mouth. Like our figs in a blanket, spicy merguez, soaked figs, crunchy puff pastry and pickled fennel. The perfect piece.

Where does PxN stand with its sustainability and eco-practices as a business?

TJ Girard: “Partying can be frivolous, but it shouldn’t be a waste. So we built Party by Numbers as a sustainable business. Our initiatives improve processes throughout the life of your event – from the upstream supply chain to our day-to-day operations and to the party itself – we achieve our goals by using sustainable food + drinks, carbon neutrality sustainable and 100% zero waste commitment. In partnership with James Beard Foundation 2020 “Humanitarian of the year” Zero food footprint, we are also looking to the future, funding the future of sustainable agriculture so that organic and responsibly sourced products are not a luxury.

How did you find all the matching items on the shopping cart? Can guests buy them?

“After years of sourcing on our travels and perusing the aisles of many design shows… we have assembled a vast collection of artisans and vendors from around the world. So when we identified the destination inspirations for our first six looks, we started organizing within the group of international companies we had worked with over the years and then sprinkled with new artisans that we found. specific to the needs of Party By Numbers. We plan to sell these items in the future, but our current focus is on providing party carts! “

As summer approaches, is the PxN working / working outside the house?

Luigi Tadini: “Utility drove the design of our cart. During the months of development, we thought about all the possible use opportunities our guests could dream of and how best to serve them. With all of us looking towards summer ahead, we wanted to create something that could be enjoyed outdoors as easily as in a New York City apartment without compromising on style. Everything you need for a party fits in the cart. That means ice cream for your pre-made cocktails to a fully charged wireless Bose speaker. Our “all-terrain” wheels and protective layer allow our team to roam your backyard or over Hampton’s roughest terrain.

Where do you see Party by Numbers come to life?

“For many years, Nicky [Balestrieri] and I’ve always dreamed of creating a product direct to the consumer – a desire we shared with our Pinch Food Design partners after years of creating extravagant parties for every type of brand. The spark behind our Party by Numbers idea was ignited during the pandemic when we were all rooted in our homes, and the precious moments that typically mark our lives have come to an end. We set out to create something that would bring our unique formula of entertainment to people and applied our collective expertise in the industry to simplify the process and make it accessible to all hosts. We see the versatility of the product and one that can serve consumers in the privacy of their home from a small dinner party or birthday party to gallery openings and trunk shows. In any case, we see hosts as a client and event enthusiast who shares our belief in the value of the experience. “

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TX Woman’s Oklahoma past haunts her with 20-year VHS rental Wed, 28 Apr 2021 02:32:33 +0000

Remember those Friday nights as you browse your favorite video rental store, you in the horror section, your mom in the drama section, then you meet online while begging your mom to let you rent “Sleepaway Camp 3” for the bajillionth time? Just me?

I’m sure you remember those Friday nights when you rented a VHS. Well, maybe now is the time to check your home to see if you have any unreturned VHS rentals because you might be in trouble – just like that poor woman from Texas who found out she was coping. two-decade embezzlement charge on VHS rental at closed Oklahoma video store!

That’s right, poor Oklahoma native Caron McBride only recently found out she had these accusations when she went to the DMV to change her married name on her driver’s license after her marriage to the Texas.

Due to the pandemic, online reservations were required for the DMV, when McBride tried to make an appointment she received an email saying she had a “problem in Oklahoma.” When McBride followed up, she was connected to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office. A woman on the phone told McBride that she had been charged with embezzlement of rented property in March 2000.

It was then that McBride learned that she was accused of never having returned “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” to a rental location in Norman, Oklahoma. McBride believes the culprit is an old roommate she had who had young daughters at the time.

While the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office has agreed to drop the case, she will still have to erase it to delete his file.

I think my only question here is what movie “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” was it? The one she’s going to in Australia or the one with Ryan Reynolds?

WATCH: TV Locations in All States

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Businesses cry scandal over Toronto restaurant turned ghost kitchen Wed, 28 Apr 2021 00:43:35 +0000

Relations have deteriorated between a trio of food companies and a restaurant on Toronto’s waterfront, where chefs have said they have been left embarrassed by the owner of Loch & Quay.

Since January, three companies have taken to social media in a public spinoff with Loch & Quay owner Ryan Mungal.

None of the business owners involved wanted to report on the matter, but the Mexican food company Tenaz and hamburger company Keto Food Co. have made public statements on Instagram and Facebook about being left to reclaim kitchen space after suddenly losing their space at Loch & Quay.

Earlier in March, Chen Chen’s hot chicken also reported on Instagram having to leave the shared space due to “unforeseen circumstances and unexpected construction”.

Chef Chen Chen has since opened his own brick and mortar on West Queen West, taking over the old Convenience bar space with his fried chicken menu. Tenaz and Keto Food Co. weren’t so lucky.

Tenaz owner Celia Nelson and Keto owner Michael Hay both hit out on Instagram and the public Facebook group. Food industry navigator about their continued search for permanent spaces since leaving Loch & Quay, which has evolved into an experimental ghost kitchen format since the summer.

“I came to work today to find that suddenly there is no more room for us in our shared kitchen,” Nelson said in a message on April 18.

“We just had our busiest day ever, and now we need to prepare for our operations. But we don’t give up that easily.

Nelson reports arriving at Loch & Quay’s kitchen and finding his things packed in boxes.

Hay, who initially said he was kicked out of space, actually later confirmed that he packed his bags and left after allegedly not having access to a kitchen for three consecutive days.

For his part, Mungal alleges that he was blocked from Food and Wine Industry Navigator by Hay’s partner, one of the group’s directors.

Meanwhile, questions have arisen in the Facebook community about Loch & Quay’s operations and the reasons that have led several small businesses to say they have had the rug under their feet trying to find their place during COVID- 19.

Mungal denies evicting businesses from Loch & Quay, telling blogTO he was “caught off guard” about Keto’s departure from space, and that Chen Chen also left the common kitchen “without notice.”

He insists that all vendors be made aware of changes to their kitchen rental contracts, which saw rentals end “on a temporary and occasional basis” in mid-April.

Mungal also says construction has been going on in the 3,000-square-foot space for over a year. He says this has led to temporary kitchen arrangements, but also reduced rents for businesses. Instead of charging rent, he says he recently proposed moving to 50-50 sales splitting, which he says has been a basis of disagreement for participating partners.

All of this, in addition to Loch & Quay, which reopened its own take-out and delivery service, which required a reorientation of operations, appears to have contributed to the fallout.

But not all sellers have left Loch & Quay’s shared kitchen concept. At the time of publication, Ice Creamonology and Taste the Antilles still operate from 390 Queens Quay West. According to Mungal, Brazil Box will join space in May.

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Summer date ideas in Ontario that take you to secret places Wed, 28 Apr 2021 00:05:32 +0000

The sunniest season is on its way, which means that you will soon be able to enjoy sandy beaches, ice creams and wonderful hikes.

If you are looking for summer date ideas in Ontario, then these secret places are worth keeping in mind for fun adventures with your favorite person.

Go on a Boozy bike tour

Price: $ 35.00 + per person

When: Opening May 22, 2021

Address: 1627 Niagara Stone Rd., Niagara on the Lake, ON

Why You Must Go: You can cycle through Niagara and visit beautiful wineries with Grape Escape Wine Tours. There are all kinds of options to choose from, including a morning tour and a patio tour.


Chase a waterfall

Price: parking fee

When: the opening date will be announced

Address: County Road 13, Eugenia, ON

Why you must go: Eugenia Falls is a magical place to see in the summer, and you can explore scenic hiking trails and enjoy the view of the 30-meter waterfall.


Spend a day in the sand

Price: free

Address: Ipperwash Beach, Lambton Shores, ON

Why You Must Go: Ipperwash Beach is one of Ontario’s longest freshwater beaches, and it’s the perfect place to soak up the summer sun without the crowds.


Hike to incredible views

Price: $ 5 per person

When: Opening May 15, 2021

Address: Rock Dunder Summit Trail, Rideau Lakes, ON

Why you must go: Admire the Thousand Islands as you hike through Rock Dunder, which will take you to the top of the world.


Paddle a river

Price: $ 18 + per hour

When: Opening May 1, 2021

Address: 30 York St., Stratford, ON

Why you need to go: You can enhance the romance by going down a scenic river with your favorite person this summer. Avon Boat Rentals offers kayaks, pedalos and more, and you can take in the charming views of charming Stratford as you paddle along the water.


Treat yourself to ice cream on the beach

Price: prices vary

When: Opening in April 2021

Address: 290, rue Bridge, Port Stanley, ON

Why you need to go: It’s not summer without enjoying ice cream, and the charming Broderick’s Ice Cream Shop serves tons of flavor. Plus, it’s a short walk to the beach, so you can enjoy your cone while strolling on the sand.


Cozy near a campfire

Price: $ 100

When: the opening date will be announced

Address: 7893 Bleeks Rd., Munster, ON

Why You Must Go: Saunders Farm brings back its campfire nights, and you can snuggle up under the stars while enjoying treats like hot corn and, of course, s’mores.


Lose yourself in a field of sunflowers

Price: to be announced

When: Opening in July 2021

Address: Hwy 48 & Sideroad 17 Beaverton, ON

Why you need to go: You can let your love grow by strolling among the flowers at The Sunflower Farm. The massive field will be even bigger this year, so it’s worth adding to your bucket list.


Float above the wrecks

Price: $ 40.71 + per adult

When: Opening May 22, 2021

Address: 7425 Hwy. 6, Tobermory, Ont.

Why You Must Go: Blue Heron Cruises will take you on a tour of incredibly magical scenes, including historic wrecks.


Go pick berries

Price: prices vary

When: Opening at the beginning of May

Address: 2935, chemin Barrie Hill, Springwater, ON

Why you need to go: Spend time together in the lush fields of Barrie Hill Farms, where you can fill your baskets with all kinds of delicious fruit.


Walk among the purple flowers

Price: to be announced

When: Opening scheduled for mid-June

Address: 7484 6/7 Sideroad Nottawasaga, Creemore, ON

Why You Must Go: Purple Hill Lavender Farm has over 3 acres of purple flowers, and you’ll feel like you’re on a date in the European countryside.


Before you get started, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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What to do in Minneapolis: our guide to the culturally rich and always surprising metropolis of Minnesota Tue, 27 Apr 2021 20:01:55 +0000

Here’s a list of things Minneapolis was known for before May 25, 2020: Prince, snow, fun accents, the Mall of America, more snow, missed playoffs, an epic State Fair and – that can’t be enough. pointed out – a lotta snow heckuva. But the night George Floyd died under Derek Chauvin’s knees, that event and the massive racial justice movement that followed was woven into the fabric of the city as well.

Lists, of course, never paint the full picture. Accents of golly-gee-willikers are rare, at least in the city proper. The Mall of America is technically in Bloomington, an entirely different city; ditto the Minnesota State Fair, which takes place in Falcon Heights. Buffalo, New York, gets twice as much snow as Minneapolis, but fewer sub-zero days. And yes, travelers to the Twin Cities will find a place still reeling from last year, but look again and they’ll also see an incredible outpouring of public art, young people united in protest and thousands of billboards. lawn rallying for a better future. .

Minneapolis and its sister city of St. Paul is culturally rich but historically charged. They are quite diverse, but deeply separated. They are incredibly complicated metropolises, just like anywhere with more than 4 million people living. But Minneapolis is also teeming with beautiful lakes, trails, bike paths and green spaces, world-class museums, progressive galleries, ambitious restaurants, inspired boutiques, and some of the friendliest people in Minnesota ™ you can find. you will meet all over America. The more you get to know it, the more questions you ask yourself and each layer you peel off reveals a new depth and dimension.

All of the ads featured in this story are independently selected by our editors. However, when you book something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Getting around and around Minneapolis

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, or MSP, has been considered one of the best airports in North America for years. You will understand why by browsing its terminals adapted for travelers. Is it an indoor play area? Yes it is. Are these massage chairs free? You bet. The spacious bathrooms at the airport even made Instagram video nothing less than Gayle King, who is a fan. MSP is a major hub for Delta and budget airline Sun Country Airlines, making it easily accessible from most US cities. Unless you’re attending a convention downtown, you’ll want to rent a car to get around the city, although in the spring, summer and fall it doesn’t get much better. that tooling along the 50 miles Grand Rounds Scenic Byway and its spectacular Chain of lakes on two wheels. (Self-service bicycle program Nice Ride Minnesota can help you with rentals.)

Minneapolis Art Institute

YinYang / Getty

What to do in Minneapolis

Travelers wishing to pay homage to George Floyd can leave flowers or messages of faith and hope at the makeshift 38th and Chicago Memorial, aka George Floyd Square, and visit the grim “Say They Names Cemetery” in the valley. grassy at 37th and Parking. The impactful installation by artists Anna Barber and Connor Wright includes over 100 headstones – each imprinted with the name, date, place of death and the words “Rest in Power” – of black Americans who have died at the hands of police . Then head to the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum (MAAHM) in North Minneapolis; exhibits at the small gallery dissect both historical (the horrific century-old lynchings in Duluth, Minnesota) and contemporary (the importance of church hats in the African-American community).

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Construction activity resumes in Owen Sound Tue, 27 Apr 2021 18:21:53 +0000

Content of the article

Construction activity in Owen Sound continues to surpass the record year of 2020.

City hall issued three dozen building permits last month, bringing the total construction value of permits issued in the first quarter of 2021 to $ 9.4 million, nearly triple the value recorded in the same period. in 2020.

And the increase in value comes as many large-scale construction projects continue to take shape in the city.

Sections of 16th Avenue East and 9th Avenue East are now hives of construction activity, with large and small-scale projects underway on both sides of the streets.

Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy said he was excited and relieved to see so much construction happening, especially in light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think some people might be surprised because it’s COVID, however, our planning department hasn’t slowed down over the past year, a year and a half. So all these projects are underway and we see them coming, ”he said on Tuesday.


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Content of the article

“This is certainly what we have been trying to achieve for the past few years: new residential construction and commercial development.”

Owen Sound’s Building Department issued permits in 2020 for a combined construction value of $ 67 million. That number has only been exceeded once before – a decade earlier, when permits totaling $ 71 million were issued.

But for every month of 2021 so far, the construction value of permits issued has been higher than in the same month of the previous year.

Permits worth just over $ 5 million were issued in March, a fourfold increase from the value recorded in March 2020.

Five of the permits were for new single-family homes, while a major permit was approved to convert existing commercial space on the second floor at 837 2nd Ave. E. in eight apartments.

Commercially, a permit has been issued for a new 437 square meter veterinary office at 1393 16th Ave.E., while modification permits have been approved to create a new take-out ice cream shop in the back. of the building Foto Art. and a new pizzeria at 950 2nd Ave. E.

Owen Sound received a permit to set up a 911 dispatch office in its works department building, while Walmart obtained a demolition permit to remove a used oil system, drains and other infrastructure that had been used for the automotive section of the store.

Heritage permits were issued last month to demolish the rectory of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and to replace the roof of the city’s old courthouse on East 3rd Avenue.


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Content of the article

Large-scale projects that are now well underway in Owen Sound include work by Gray Bruce Property Rentals to convert the old Strathcona Public School into an 80 unit apartment. The company is working to get the building ready for occupancy in November.

Along 9th Avenue East, the five floors are now fitted out for the 60-unit Owen Sound Housing Company building in Odawa Heights. The organization anticipates that the building, which will consist of 44 “affordable” units and 16 units at market rental rates, will be completed in November.

Further up the street, work continues on Graham Construction’s Ninth Avenue Estates, which will feature 19 townhouses for the 55 and over market.

A trio of single-family homes are under construction just steps away – in the 2500 block of 9th Avenue East.

On 16th Avenue East, work continues on Southbridge Care Home’s 160-bed long-term care facility, which the company hopes to complete by summer 2022.

Graham Construction is also the contractor for this project.

CEO Richard Graham said the $ 30 million construction was the largest design and build project ever undertaken by an Owen Sound company in the city’s history.

At any given time, the site will have between 50 and 60 workers, he said, and construction has doubled Graham Construction’s staff.

“Due to the size of the project, there aren’t many local subcontractors large enough to handle the work, but Graham was able to hire more subs, consultants and people than usual to a project of this size, ”he said, noting that the relationship between Graham Construction and Southbridge Care Homes dates back to the 1960s when Southbridge, then Petersen’s Nursing Home, retained Owen Sound to complete their first project. major renovation.


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Content of the article

The home will create around 100 new long-term care jobs in Owen Sound, he said, and add 90 new beds in the area.

Near the Southbridge project site, AndPet Realty is continuing work on its four-storey, 126-unit Owen Sound Gardens retirement residence, which is scheduled for completion in spring 2022. Construction is part of the subdivision proposed by AndPet East Court Residences, which is to include 27 semi-detached apartments and 57 townhouses.

Boddy said he forecasts 2021 to be another banner year for Owen Sound’s construction division and could turn out to be even better than 2020.

He said several housing projects are in the planning stage or have been completed, but have not yet reached the construction stage.

“Around the hospital; certainly AndPet is going ahead with his project and there is another 9e Avenue that may be going this year, ”he said.

Gray Bruce Property Rentals hopes to complete the conversion of the old Strathcona School to an 80 unit apartment by the end of the year.  ROB GOWAN
Gray Bruce Property Rentals hopes to complete the conversion of the old Strathcona School to an 80 unit apartment by the end of the year. ROB GOWAN


Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil discussion forum and to encouraging all readers to share their views on our articles. Comments can take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask that you keep your comments relevant and respectful. We have enabled email notifications. You will now receive an email if you receive a response to your comment, if there is an update to a comment thread that you are following, or if a user is following you comments. Visit our Community rules for more information and details on how to adjust your E-mail The settings.

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PC recording time | Public Notice n ° 10937 Tue, 27 Apr 2021 18:21:36 +0000

NOT APPROVED * TOWN OF WHEATLAND GOVERNING BODY PROCEDURAL REPORT A regular meeting of the Town of Wheatland, Platte County and State of Wyoming Council was held on Monday April 12, 2021 in accordance with the law. Mayor Graves called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. The following members were present at the roll call: Councilors Madsen, Montoya and Britz. Also in attendance were Clerk / Treasurer Candy Wright and Lawyer Doug Weaver. Mayor Graves presented the agenda requesting the addition of an executive session. Councilor Britz moved, seconded by Councilor Montoya, to accept the agenda as amended. Motion carried 3-0. APPOINTMENTS: Mayor Graves recommended Ruth Moyte to serve as the city representative on the Accommodation Tax Commission. Councilor Montoya proposed, seconded by Councilor Britz, to appoint Ruth Moyte to the Lodging Tax Commission for a three-year term. Motion carried 3-0. Councilor Montoya moved, seconded by Councilor Madsen, to appoint Don Race to the public seat of Council. Motion carried 2-1 with Councilor Britz voting no. Councilor Don Race was sworn in and took a seat at the Council table.
Councilor Madsen moved, seconded by Councilor Britz, to accept the Consent Agenda as presented and to place it in our files. Motion carried 4-0. Council-approved April coupons are: 4 Rivers Equipment, 8.65, bushing, Alexander Construction, 12.188.75, snow removal, Alsco, 94.42, carpet rental,, 62.87, office supplies, American Collection Systems, 140.21, Grant, Kendrick, Andrew Starr, 949.00, software update, AT&T Mobility, 366.90, PD mobile Internet, Atlas Office Products Inc, 78.30, office supplies, Avenue of Flags Memorial, 97 , 00, flags, Black Hills Energy, 5702.68, heat, Bloedorn Lumber, 746.86, supplies, Blue Tarp Financial, 565.98, store supply, Bob Ruwart Motors, 89.95, auto parts, Bomgaars, 778 , 44, utility supplies, Border States Electric Supply, 3894.06, electrical supplies, Brandon Graves, 750.00, City Council, Britz, William, 150.00, City Council, Capital Business System Inc, 752.25, copiers, Carolina Software, 200.00, waste management software support, CenturyLink, 201.31, phone s, City of Torrington, 10577.20, Sanitary Disposal, Contractors Materials Inc, 216.00, Material Supplies, CRA Payment Cent er, 29.98, Oil, ARC Payment, 32.36, Kit seal, Crystal Ice Co, 30.00, ice, Dana Kepner, 1129.40, parts / supplies, DBC Irrigation Supply, 1117.44.4 Hunter rotor, Drube Supply, 296.51, hardware, Energy Labs Inc, 291, 00, Water / Wastewater Samples, Engineering Associates, 1096.78, Engineering, Fat Boys Tire & Repair, 2063.00, Tire Repair, Ferguson Waterworks, 1707.66, Water Meter Parts, Fired Up, 2644.02, FD supplies, First Bank Card, 3065.22, supplies / schools / office supplies / google, First State Bank, 35000.00, health claims, Flashpoint, 1996.28, supplies, Frenchman Valley Coop, 9849 , 20, propane, Fusion Cloud, 712.50, telephones, H&H Electric, 5314.88, electrical work / well, Heimsoth, Travis, 750.00, Electrical inspector, Herdt, Ruth, 200.00, office cleaning, H orton Fuels, 9,846,72, fuel, Ideal, 84.46, combinations, J&J Trailer Sales LLC, 4,775.00, dump trailer, John Deer Financial, 560.88, hardware supplies, Jones, RD, 200, 00, employment contract, Kinsco, 338.59, cargo pants max / dar k navy, Kois Brother Equipment, 804.94, gripping cylinder HL, KYCN radio, 200.00, advertisement, LN Curtis & Sons, 5555.00, bucket of 5 gallons, Lambert, Michale, 200.00, cleaning shop, Laramie Peak Motors, 23.40, parts, Law Enforcement Targets Inc, 755.10, supplies, Lingo Communications, 736.53, phone 2 months, Local Government Liability Pool , 1,000.00, liability claim, Logmein Communications, Inc, 568.04, telephones, Madsen, Alan, 150.00, Town Council, Mahugh Fire and Safety, 671.24, streamlight, McElmurry, Jeanie, 325.00, cleaning, Meritain Health, 25889.16 , health premiums, Montoya, Anthony, 150.00, board meetings, Motorola, 7,222,05, Mobile Records Nibrs, DL Maintenance, Mutt Mitt, 562, 89, supplies, alumni, 100.00, advertising, O’Reilly Automotive Inc, 20.67, auto parts, Pacific Reflex signs, 259.20, signs, Partsmaster, 1204.57, store supplies, Quill Corporation, 874.83, office supplies, Record Times, 2341.20, ad / annual renewal, Safecare Div Magic Media Inc, 3542.68, gloves, Sherwin-Williams, 74.95, paint stripper, Sparkletts & Sierra Springs, 291.88, cooler / water rental, Special Olympics WY, 700.00, Jackalope Jump, State of WY, 16,731.97, Utilities Sales Tax, Stevenson, Terry, 200.00, Emergency Management, Stone Welding LLC, 86.48, Manufacturing, Streets, Mark, 500.00, Fire Inspector, Superior Contracting LLC, 13.172.00, snow removal / waste transport, TDS Collection Service Inc, 1861.20, rolloffs, The Tire Shop, 16.00, tire repair, Thrifty Foods, 142.07, office supplies, Titan Power, 201.24, supplies, Travelers, 567.00, final audit, Trihydro Corp, 77.97, surveillan ce dumps, USA Blue Book, 87.94, equipment, Valli Information System Inc, 1768.56, 2 months billing, Veterans of Foreign Wars, 100.00, advertisement, WARWS, 395.00, annual conference, Waterous Company, 209.66, parts, Wheatland Auto, 2,105.80, store supplies, Wheatland Fire Dept Foundation, 260.00, physical, Wheatland REA, 5592.19, purchased power, WPOA, 100.00, dues, WYDOT, 26.85, 16th St, WyoLogic, 2072.50, computer and website, WY Conf. Bldg Officials, 150.00, Membership / Conference, WY Machinery Co. 595.11, Parts, WY Municipal Power, 231.244.82, Electricity Bill, WY Retirement System, 431.25, Fire Department Retreat, WY Wireless Internet, 75.00, Internet Town Hall, WY Workers Compensation, 194.31, Fire Team,, 8:00 p.m., Web Hosting, Wyopass, 57:00 a.m., Membership Dues Pay $ 170,396.87 Total Vouchers $ 635,404.83 Mayor Graves proclaimed the April 30, 2021 as a day of celebration of Arbor Day. Council adjourned the public hearing at 7:30 p.m. The Platte County Director of Economic Development provided an overview of the Wyoming Business Council’s Community-Ready Community Improvement Grant, which would provide funds for the reconstruction of 16th Street from South Street to Swanson Road. Public comment has been received from Mort and Cindy Tillman, Bob Ruwart and Hersh Pruitt. The public hearing was adjourned at 7.45 p.m. and the regular sitting resumed. Ms. Lucinda Houtchens spoke of her concerns that green waste is no longer found in her neighborhood. Ms. Houtchens requested that the roll-offs be returned to their original location. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Councilor Britz moved, seconded by Councilor Madsen, that Order 831 be approved for third and final reading. Motion carried 4-0. ORDINANCE NO. 831 UN ORDINANCE REZONING 452 EAST OAK STREET, TOWN OF WHEATLAND, SE1 / 4SE1 / 4 OF SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 24 NORTH, RANGE 68 WEST WHEREAS the applicant, Gary Mellinger, has applied for a change of land use district for the property described below from the Mobile Home Park (MHP) district to the Conservancy (C) district, and; WHEREAS the Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing concerning this change of land use district on February 4, 2021 and; WHEREAS, during the public hearing of the Planning and Zoning Commission of February 4, 2021, the Commission voted to recommend to municipal council to approve the requested change of land use district; NOW THEREFORE ORDERED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF WHEATLAND, WYOMING: The properties described below: A LAND IN SE1 / 4SE1 / 4 OF SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 24 NORTH, RANK 68 WEST OF 6:00 PM, PLATTE COUNTY, WYOMING, BEING PART OF THE LAND DESCRIBED IN BOOK 152, PAGE 267 IN PLATTE COUNTY RECORDS, MORE SPECIFICALLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING AT A POINT ON THE SOUTHERN BOUNDARY OF SE1 / 4SE1 / 4 OF SAID SECTION 12, WHICH POINT IS NORTH OF 88 ° 15 ‘WEST, 697.4 FEET FROM THE SOUTHEASTERN CORNER OF THIS SECTION 12; THENCE, CONTINUING ALONG THE SOUTHERN BOUNDARY OF SAID SE1 / 4SE1 / 4 NORTH 88 ° 15 ‘WEST, 200 FEET; THENCE NORTH ON A LINE PARALLEL TO THE EASTERN LIMIT OF SAID SECTION 12, A DISTANCE OF 200 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 88 ° 15 ‘EAST, 200 FEET; THEN SOUTH ON A LINE PARALLEL TO THE EASTERN LIMIT OF SAID SECTION 12, 200 FEET FROM THE START POINT. A LOT SOUTH OF 18.5 FEET OF LAND DESCRIBED IN BOOK 393, PAGE 71, LOCATED IN SE1 / 4SE1 / 4 OF SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 24 NORTH, RANGE 68 WEST OF 6TH PM, PLATTE COUNTY, WYOMING AND ALSO BEING EARTH DESCRIBED IN BORDER LINE SETTING RECORDED SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 IN BOOK 499, PAGE 673, PLATTE COUNTY RECORDS, MORE SPECIFICALLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING AT A POINT ON SOUTH LIMIT FROM SE1 / 4SE1 / 4 OF SECTION 12 WHICH POINT IS 697.4 FEET FROM THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF THIS SECTION 12; THENCE, CONTINUING ALONG THE SOUTHERN BOUNDARY OF SAID SE1 / 4SE1 / 4 NORTH 88 ° 15 ‘WEST, 200 FEET; THENCE NORTH ON A LINE PARALLEL TO THE EASTERN LIMIT OF SAID SECTION 12, A DISTANCE OF 200 FEET SOUTHWEST CORNER OF SAID BOOK 393, PAGE 721, PACKAGE NO. 3, THE START POINT; THENCE SOUTH 88 ° 15 ‘EAST, 200 FEET TO THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF SAID PLOT # 3; THENCE NORTH ON A LINE PARALLEL TO THE EASTERN LIMIT OF SAID SECTION 12, AT A DISTANCE OF 18.5 FEET; THENCE NORTH 88 ° 15 ‘WEST, 200 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 18.5 FEET TO THE BEGINNING POINT. Be and the same is hereby re-zoned from District Mobile Home Park (MHP) to District Conservancy (C), as set out in Chapters 18.30, 18.35 and 18.65 of the Wheatland Municipal Code.
Adopted and approved this 8th day of February 2021, at first reading. Adopted and approved on March 8, 2021, at second reading. Adopted and approved on April 12, 2021, at third reading. S / N: Mayor Brandon Graves Certification: S / N: Clerk Candy Wright. Councilor Britz proposed, seconded by Councilor Montoya, to delegate the south side of the I25 billboard to the Historic Preservation Committee and Platte County Main Street Committee and the north side of the billboard to PCED . Motion carried 4-0. Councilor Montoya moved, seconded by Councilor Race, to go ahead and accept Landis & Gyr’s proposal for the infrastructure of automated electric meters. Motion carried 4-0. NEW BUSINESS: Councilor Britz proposed, seconded by Councilor Madsen, to accept the sub-recipient agreement with WYDOT for the update of the trail plan and to have Mayor Graves sign on behalf of the City. Motion carried 4-0. Councilor Madsen moved, seconded by Councilor Britz, to move to the executive session at 8:35 pm for contract discussions. Motion carried 4-0. Councilor Madsen moved, seconded by Councilor Race, to adjourn the Executive meeting at 9:15 pm No action was taken. With nothing further to come to Council, the meeting adjourned at 9:16 pm S / N: Mayor Brandon Graves Certification: S / N: Clerk Candy Wright

Public Notice No. 10937. To appear in the Platte County Record – Times April 28, 2021.

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Receptions on wheels: Food Trucks are coming Tue, 27 Apr 2021 16:26:19 +0000

From raw oysters and lobster rolls to alcohol-infused ice cream, food trucks offer modernized, pandemic-friendly wedding spreads.

“The food truck is uniquely suited to handle the flow – and the food is just arriving,” said Matt Geller, managing director of Best Food Trucks, a Los Angeles-based company that runs food trucks for customers and sites.

Food trucks can serve 100 meals in an hour if they’re fast, so Mr. Geller recommends having at least two salty trucks and a dessert truck for a 100-person wedding.

Ten years ago, food trucks were a complement to weddings – it was not unusual to see a slide-out food truck glide to a reception as guests departed. Today, food trucks are the main meal.

The food It’s all about the lobster, but you won’t have to deal with the damage caused by cracking shells. It’s a marriage, after all. Couples can choose to serve everything from lobster rolls and lobster tater tots, to lobster tacos and grilled lobster cheese “sammies”.

Deals “We are inundated with people asking for our truck for their weddings,” said Sabin Lomac, owner of Maine Cousins ​​Lobster, which operates 40 food trucks and 11 restaurants spread across the United States from New York to Texas.

The price $ 3,000 minimum, starting at $ 40 per person for a dish (a lobster roll or a lobster taco or a lobster grilled cheese) and an appetizer (New England clam chowder, lobster bisque or lobster lobster ).

The food Ice cream with and without alcohol (although during the process most of the alcohol content is lost, leaving the flavor of alcohol). Flavors include drunk French toast (maple ice cream with hazelnut liqueur and crumbled cinnamon cookies); Lightly toasted almond (Amaretto ice cream with toasted almond pieces); Mint Chocolate Chip (Peppermint Schnapps Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips); and rosé sorbet (peaches and rosé wine) are staple products.

Deals Sharp cones is based in Stratford, Connecticut, and during the majority of the pandemic, Connecticut has limited capacity at gatherings. “So for food trucks, that meant no festivals or big parties,” said Brooke Santagata-Albers, owner of Tipsy Cones. They were already booked for 2020, but at the end of May 2020 all of their events have moved to 2021. Now some events have already moved to 2022.

The price Everything is customizable, but a party of 50 people in Connecticut (they only serve that state) starts at $ 700.

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The food Raw oysters, clams, shrimps, lobster rolls, grilled lobster cheese.

Deals Truck shuckin ‘ is a family business based in Point Judith, RI, and does business in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It has two scallop boats, a year-round oyster farm and their own commercial fishing boats. The seafood comes from their fishing boats or other fishermen in the Rhode Island area, and it’s picked up by the Shuckin ‘Trucks the next day – when it’s served. Ninety-five percent of its full program has been postponed due to the pandemic. Everything is cooked in the truck. An entire wooden raw bar structure is fitted with sneeze guards.

The price Starts at $ 55 per person with 50 people minimum for an unlimited raw bar, unlimited appetizers, lobster rolls and seafood tacos.

The food Refreshments. Help yourself to champagne, rosés and other types of wine and craft beer from the taps attached to the trailer, or use one of its bartenders to pour and mix mimosas, bellinis and signature cocktails.

Deals During the pandemic, the Van of Prosecco Silvercloud, which is based in Austin, Texas – though the company will travel across the United States for larger events – has seen most of its bar service business shift from a full-service bar to a model in self-service with taps. “Since we have taps on the outside of the trailer, guests can serve any of our cocktails on tap, making it a safe option for socially distant events,” said Yvonne Johnson, Founder of Silvercloud . The company has added staff to meet the growing demand for tap trailer rentals.

The price Starts at $ 999 for three hours, which includes the trailer but no alcohol (you or your caterer can provide wine and alcohol for the trailer for this option). Before the pandemic, the most popular package cost $ 2,149 for three hours of service for 100 guests, which includes three hours of trailer rental, a licensed bartender, and a draft (wine and prosecco on tap). Silvercloud offers a selection of prosecco, craft beer, cider, and red wine for this package.

The food Grilled cheese sandwiches, tater tots, tomato soup. These aren’t ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches – they offer expanded options such as asago with prosciutto and aioli; sharp cheddar with grilled pulled pork and caramelized onions; and the mixed vegetables melt with Muenster, caramelized onions and herb aioli.

Deals After the pandemic, activities have essentially closed Gorilla Cheese NYC, the truck served essential workers in New York. Since the reopening of the film industry, they take care of television and cinema sets. They serve the New York metro area.

The price Starts at $ 600, but the average party is $ 2,100 and serves 125 guests for two hours, offering a full sandwich menu, tater tots, tomato soup shooters, and soft drinks.

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Upcoming “Whitewater Rafting and Nature Lessons” on Prairie Sportsman Tue, 27 Apr 2021 15:42:50 +0000

Download the photo of host Bret Amundson rafting the Kettle River with Tony Vavricka.

GRANITE FALLS, Minn.Whitewater rafting on the Kettle River, the Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center and critical habitat plaques will be featured on Prairie Sportsman. “Whitewater Rafting and Nature’s Lessons” will air on Pioneer PBS on Sunday May 9 at 7:30 pm. For broadcast dates and times on all PBS stations in Minnesota, visit

Host Bret Amundson rafts the Kettle River with Tony Vavricka, owner of Hard Water Sports in Sandstone. The river runs through Banning State Park and features scenic rock outcrops, kettles, and rapids, including Mother’s Delight, Dragon’s Tooth, Blueberry Slide and Hell’s Gate. Vavricka runs rafting trips throughout the summer and also offers canoe and kayak rentals, wilderness gear, and guided rock and ice climbing adventures.

In the next segment, Prairie Sportsman is at the Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center which runs environmental education programs, retreats and events for 15,000 annual visitors. The former Northwoods Audubon Center changed its name in 2020 to better reflect its wide range of programs, including three-day residential programs for K-12 students, summer camps, tours of one day and workshops for adults. With accommodation and a dining room for up to 200 people, the center also offers space for weddings, retreats and other events. When schools closed due to COVID-19, the center provided an online learning space and after-school nature programs for students in the area.

In the final segment, we’ll learn more about the Minnesota MNR’s Critical Habitat Tag program. Car owners can purchase one of eight exterior-themed license plates and pay an additional $ 30 fee when renewing license tabs. The funds are matched with private donations and used for land acquisition, habitat restoration and protection of wild species not hunted, which are neither hunted nor fished.

About Prairie Sportsman

Prairie Sportsman celebrates our love of the outdoors for hunting, fishing and recreation, using our vast resources of lakes, rivers, trails and grasslands, and for promoting environmental stewardship.

The Prairie Sportsman team includes Cindy Dorn, producer / writer; Bret Amundson, host / editor; and Dylan Curfman, editor / videographer. The 2021 season is made possible by funding from SafeBasements of Minnesota, Live Wide Open, Western Minnesota Prairie Waters and members of Pioneer PBS.

About Pioneer PBS

Founded in 1966, Pioneer PBS is a premium, a viewer-supported television station dedicated to sharing the region’s local stories with the world. For more information visit

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