Chadar Trek 2023 by Ladakh Tour – Chadar Trek Organizer – Reservations are open now with great rates for an unforgettable 8-day experience


Ladakh Tour is one of the few Chadar trek organizers in India. The company is a local tour operator based in Ladakh that offers a unique experience of a fantastic trek on the frozen river of Zanskar.

Ladakh, IN – According to announcements published by Ladakh Tour, this established travel and tour operator is now accepting bookings for the Chadar trek in January-February 2023. The 8-day trek is one of the most popular for trekking enthusiasts in India and from abroad. This is an affordable hike in the beautiful Zanskar Valley.

Ladakh Tour ensures that the meticulously planned and executed adventurous trek on the frozen Zanskar River becomes a memorable experience for the participants. Known as the best trek organizer in Chadar, the company also offers tour packages in Ladakh and cycling tours in the region. Arrangements made by Ladakh Tour include airport pick up, hotel room on twin sharing basis, permit fees, taxi hire and attraction entrance fees.

The excitement starts from the moment a trekker arrives in Leh, which serves as the base for the Chadar trek. The hike provides an opportunity to feast the senses on the sights, sounds and scents that make this place unique. At 11,000 feet above sea level, the Zanskar River is surrounded by wilderness not seen anywhere else in India. Other attractions on the trek include Tibb Cave, Nerak and Gyalpo. The experience of walking the frozen river of Zanskar in the company of other intrepid trekkers who are ready to test their physical and mental reserves is exhilarating.

Each hour of the Chadar trek offers scenic wonders within towering peaks, deep valleys and rushing waters rushing down to the plains. Completing this trek is a fitting testament to participants’ fitness and love of the outdoors.

The opportunity to connect with nature that the Chadar trek offers has a spiritual quality. Hikers follow in the footsteps of those brave locals who walked this route for hundreds of years to stay in touch with civilization.

After the trek, you have the option to relax in Leh and visit the markets, nearby scenic spots and, of course, taste the food.

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Offering expert insight on how to trek frozen Zanskar, Ladakh Tour said: “Seeking professional advice from the local guide will be of great help if you are considering doing a ‘Chad trek’. Paired with a professional guide, you can assess the condition of the trail. You will mentally and physically prepare yourself against deterioration and accidents.

Always pay attention to roads with thick ice, as these are ideal for walking as they are less prone to breakage. Avoid ice under the snow, as you cannot see if it is thick enough or if there are cracks. And the ice under the snow is often weak due to the insulating effect of the snow which slows down the freezing process. New ice formations are stronger than older ones, and clear ice is invariably newer. Walk more on clear ice than on white ice.

About the company:

Ladakh tour operates from the beautiful Indian union territory of Ladakh. This travel and tour operator organizes tours and hikes in the region and ensures that its customers get the best value for money. Its trained and expert guides share tips, information, history and lead hikers through the beautiful and challenging terrain.

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