Children now have access to a basketball and skateboard playground



The City of Prince Albert, in partnership with the Malcolm Jenkins Family Foundation, officially opened the modernized James Isbister Park.

The playground features six basketball hoops and an open skate park, which Tim Yeaman, Parks and Open Spaces Manager for Community Services, says is a one-of-a-kind project in Canada.

“You’re actually able to look through the skate park itself, so that also adds a level of security. So when parents are looking for their kids, they can see how they’re interacting, what they’re up to,” Yeaman said.

The playground is located at Westview Public School, Macarthur Drive, in the Westflat area.

Yeaman says the goal was to open it last July, but due to several “complications” they had to push back.

“The finished product is what we really care about and we make sure the kids have a great place, the community has a great place to gather.”

The city says the renovation cost about $300,000, including $200,000 from the Malcolm Jenkins Family Foundation.

Founder Malcom Jenkins was on hand for the Grand Opening Ceremony to celebrate with neighborhood families.

“We do projects and they’re awesome and we love them, it’s so much fun to do and it’s great to see kids with smiles on their face,” Jenkins said. “And I’m going up there, I don’t have long to go. So I’m not the richest guy in the graveyard and you can’t take it with you. And someone said you should leave the world a little better place than you found it.”

He adds that the playground is still incomplete but has been opened up for people to use as long as the weather permits.

Jenkins hopes to complete the playground in the coming weeks.

“There will be lighting, 24/7, so the kids can play basketball or the adults can play basketball, one o’clock in the morning, if you wish. And the skatepark, there will be more equipment and lighting,” Jenkins said.

In addition to the new James Isbister Park, the city and the Malcolm Jenkins Family Foundation also opened a spray park along Cook Drive in Crescent Heights.


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