Coming together as a community is a Nunavut tradition


Anna Aaluk says what she loves about her community is that they continue to help and support each other in times of need, says Anna Aaluk. (Photo courtesy of Anna Aaluk)

“My corner of our land” – Nunatsiaq News readers reflect on Nunavut Day

By Anna Aaluk
Special for Nunatsiaq News

As Nunavut Day approaches, Nunatsiaq News asked readers to share what makes their corner of the territory special to them.

Gjoa Haven Uqshruqtuuq, located on King William Island.

Northwest Passage founded by explorer Roald Amundsen which housed in the bay called ‘the most beautiful little harbor in the world’.

Home of the two lost Franklin Expedition shipwrecks north of King William Island.

A remarkable story in the making of Gjoa Haven since the discovery of the two Franklin shipwrecks. Inuit traditions and culture still play a vital role in the community of over 180 people today and continue to pass on the knowledge and traditions of Inuit customs to current and future generations.

What I love about my community is that our community continues to help and support each other through difficult times, to name a few. Fundraising for a plane ticket for a family member who needs to see their deceased family, we come together as a community and donate funds through local radio. Provide skills and knowledge by making traditional clothing such as mittens, kamiks, parkas, as well as traditional hunting tools such as sledges, harpoons, huts.

Sports facilities such as the arena are open during the winter season to watch hockey or skate in public, while the community hall and gymnasium are open to young people to play sports or simply hang out with friends and meet new ones. friends.

Meanwhile, our community continues to grow and we explore new opportunities to provide help and support to people in our community. We are very honored to have a place in Nunavut known as the Northwest Passage by two great explorers, where tourists take a keen interest in my community of Gjoa Haven.

Anna Aaluk is from Gjoa Haven.


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