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JAMESTOWN – A committee has been formed to gather feedback from community members on what a new skate park should include and to research a location for one in Jamestown.

The skate park planning committee met because the skate park’s current location isn’t ideal, said Amy Walters, executive director of the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department. She said once a location is determined, the design of a skate park can begin.

“That’s what we’re working on right now to find the people interested in the business who will be the users who can share their knowledge and experience with us,” she said.

The committee held a community forum on Tuesday, June 21 at McElroy Park to gather feedback on the skate park.

The current skate park has been located in McElroy Park for over 20 years. Planning committee member Troy Gunderson said the current skate park was never intended as one.

“It filled an empty effort to try to put something out there for the kids,” he said. “The other reason we developed this committee is because people asked for it (a skate park).”

He said the committee is exploring all options for a different location for the skate park.

“It’s hard to plan and start and visualize until we know where it’s going to be,” he said. “It could be something the public can talk about if someone has an idea of ​​where they could go or has a property they’re willing to do something with.”

Committee member Caleb Drahosh said a new skatepark could introduce a new generation to skating or give them the opportunity to be introduced to it. People who inline skate or ride bikes, scooters or skateboards could use the skate park.

“My boys are into it, but we don’t have something right now that would really serve them just to get into it,” he said.

Committee member Christian Cairy said the committee contacted Spohn Ranch – a company that designs and builds skate parks – which has been recommended by the Grand Forks Park District to get some insight into how to get started and what is suitable. to a city the size of Jamestown. He said the recommended skating surface should be at least 13,000 square feet, which would be enough for the basic features of a skate park and have room to add more in the future. . The overall complex would be larger than 13,000 square feet.

“It should be a nice setup to have other family-friendly features like tables, lofts, blankets, shelters, general amenities, bathrooms,” Gunderson said.

The skate park could include structures such as ramps, barriers, different types of wall elements, mini pipes, skateboard bowls, stairs with rails and possibly a pump track which is a hilly concrete slab.

“I would say the basic traditional elements…incorporating that street element with the green element and then creating the transitions between those to flow well and be usable where you can skate, make many different combinations of tricks with all these features,” Cairy said.

Walters said the committee would seek to fund the initial costs of building a skate park through grants or donations. She said the Department of Parks and Recreation would assume the ongoing maintenance and operating costs of the skate park once it is built.

Gunderson said community members who are interested in a new skate park can call the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department at 252-3982 and put their name on a list to be notified of upcoming committee meetings. He said the committee wanted input on the layout of the skate park.

“It’s not the committee that will decide that (the development of the skate park). It will come from interested people,” he said. “That’s why we want people to get involved. It’s going to be built from scratch. We can do anything the public supports.


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