Coronation Street actor Seb Harry Visinoni opens up about talented family with figure skater and drummer

Coronation Street Star Harry Visinoni has revealed that he is not the only talent in his family.

The actor has been playing Seb Frankilin on the ITV soap opera since 2016 as the son of Abi Franklin and is set to be part of one of his biggest stories to date.

Corrie will address the issue of hate crimes when Seb and his girlfriend Nina Lucas, played by Mollie Gallagher, are brutally attacked.

In heartbreaking episodes set to screen in early May, the couple are walking around when Corey and a gang of drunken buddies, including Kelly Neelan, corner and goad the pair.

The young couple will be left with horrific injuries at the start of a police investigation.

Speaking of his hope for the script, Harry said; “I would like to think that would spark a conversation in people’s living rooms.

“Seb and Nina are attacked because of prejudice and hatred towards Nina’s appearance – these are two characters that audiences know personally and consider to be kind, innocent, and well-meaning people, and I hope that means that. they will relate to the devastation it causes for everyone involved.

“I hope this scenario is part of a larger process of educating about the importance of eradicating prejudice and protecting everyone’s right to be who they are and to feel safe.”

It can be hard for fans to believe this is Harry’s first acting job.

Seb and Nina will be the target of a hate crime committed by other teenagers in the street

The 21-year-old started at the School of Acting in Manchester, where he remains to this day.

“These are weekly classes that are more like part-time classes,” Harry explained. “I started there during my college days and after my A Levels I landed at Corrie in August straight out of college.

“The only other role I’ve had is an episode of Doctors.”

Speaking of having Corrie as his first job, Harry added: “It feels like everyone has gone to college and this has been my college, it’s the best education you could ask for.”

But as we mentioned earlier, Harry isn’t the only talent in his family.

“My mom was an ice dancer when she was younger, before she got married and had kids, which is why she ended up quitting,” he said.

Harry when he first joined soap in 2016

“She was the British champion at one point and that was her life until the kids took over. She is still heavily involved and potentially on the cards to judge the Olympics for the next several years.

He continued, “I think entertainment and creativity are in my blood, but I’m the first in my family to channel them in that direction.

“My older brother is a drummer in a band, they played a lot in Manchester, before Covid, and released music on Spotify.

“My younger sister is now following in my mother’s footsteps when it comes to her ice skating, she won competitions.

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