Crank up your own ice cream on a Maine island


As the temperatures warm, the desire to do something a little different often increases. Summer road trips are always a thing, whether it’s going on a new hike, discovering a new beach or visiting an amusement park. Another summer favorite in Maine is enjoying delicious ice cream. Seasonal ice cream shops have already started opening up across the state to cheering crowds. What if you could combine the two into one perfect combination. Adventure plus ice. You can, if you’re up for a boat ride and a bit of sweaty fairness.

Featured as an experience on Airbnb, on Monhegan Island off the coast of southeastern Maine, you can visit a host who will help you learn the old-fashioned technique of hand-cranking ice cream before to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Either way, the thought of making your own ice cream surrounded by Maine’s pristine ocean will instantly make it taste better.

Speaking of taste, you will also be able to choose your own flavor while you start. The house specialty is a Girl Scout-inspired Thin Mints flavor. If that’s not your jam, you can try fresh strawberry, pistachio, or pecan butter. The host of this experience is currently developing a specific flavor that will be a signature for Monhegan Island.

Hand Crank Ice Cream Experiences on Monhegan Island start on Sunday May 1st. You have plenty of time to hit the gym and then hop aboard a boat for the perfect summer adventure.

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