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News of a three-year “international club partnership” with Odisha FC in India fell on official Watford channels at lunchtime last Wednesday, just over 12 hours after the summer transfer window closed. .

It wasn’t about the details of signing late at night and dodging deadlines and maybe missed some fans. The club rolled out familiar faces Tom Cleverley, Ben Foster, Moussa Sissoko, Helen Ward and Rosie Kmita and gave the case the full promotional treatment.

But what will the arrangement look like in reality? How will this benefit both clubs and could there be short and long term play here?

Athletic have spoken to those close to the deal and beyond to establish the real value of the Pozzo club group stretching beyond Watford and Udinese in Italy, and have found lessons for other Premier League clubs along the way.

First, the money.

In short, it is understood that there is no implication: Watford pays Odisha nothing, or vice versa. It’s more strategic than financial.

A source close to the deal described the deal as a “gateway” for each club to market to the other. But it’s not just about harnessing the possibilities of the brand, there is also a healthy hub for partnership.

Athletic also spoke to a separate source who has been aware of numerous negotiations between British and Indian clubs in recent years.

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