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(Alexandria, MN) Explore Alexandria Tourism is an organization that does a lot to promote the hospitality and tourism industry in the Lake District. He is a big supporter of the proposed changes to the Runestone Community Center. Explore Alex Executive Director James Feist wrote a letter explaining their thoughts on what the expansion would mean for the region (LETTER BELOW):

The recent developments of the Runestone Community Center expansion becoming a reality is great news for the community and the future of tourism! The increased demand and growth of several user groups over the years has limited the opportunities for continued growth of the program due to the limited space available at the community center. The tournaments were unable to reach their full hosting potential and the dry ground events were unable to grow or add new events to the community center schedule. When Alexandria hosts tournaments and events, visitors come to spend money in our community in many areas including accommodation, restaurants, convenience stores, retail stores and more. RCC is crucial for this economic activity to occur, and has the ability to expand that impact after expansion.

It’s no secret that tourism is a very important part of Alexandria’s economic impacts. What is perhaps not as well known within these tourism impacts is the importance of Alexandria’s ability to host tournaments, especially in winter. Using the data collected during the Alexandria Region Hockey Association tournaments, we can make calculations of their estimated economic impacts on the community. Additionally, with the opening of the NorthStar Sports Complex in 2018, we can measure the immense growth that has been achieved with the additional ice time available at NorthStar. In addition, these tournaments could continue to grow with the expansion of the RCC, adding around 40 to 50 additional visiting teams per season, with a possible future total of hosting 170 to 180 teams out of town. This goes from an estimated economic impact of $ 1.4 million per season before the NorthStar complex to $ 3.3 million with the ability to use both RCC and the NorthStar complex, and an expected impact. $ 5 million per season with the addition of RCC. expansion.

Other user groups, sports and dry-ground events will also have the space to develop. The dry ground events will have additional space to expand on the events currently being held, and new events will have the opportunity to bring new experiences to our region. The demand for ice time has capped the number of events hosted by the Figure Skating Club of Alexandria, and they hope to add 2-3 more events per year after the expansion, which could include sanctioned competitions. MN State! The curling club has been limited to one league curling night per week due to the current demand for ice time. The expansion would give leagues more time, which could double their participants and possibly add a youth league. This growth means more Bonspiels, which can attract visitors for multiple days of accommodation, dining, shopping and more.

This expansion of facilities means an expansion of economic impacts and quality of life. Explore Alexandria Tourism is thrilled and asks others to join us in supporting the expansion of the Runestone Community Center.

James feist

Executive director

Explore Alexandria Tourism

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Capitol City Lightning gives local players a second chance at football Wed, 28 Apr 2021 09:30:38 +0000

A lot of people are sad to see the football season end every year right after the big game in early February. We all love professional and college football and of course love our Michigan State Spartans. Now don’t get me wrong, I love football, but I’m so happy to be in the baseball season even though the Detroit Tigers haven’t got off to a great start.

I have good news for football fans in Lansing area, one of the newer ones in Lansing semi-professional football teams bring football to the capital according to And look at this region, athletes who thought their tackles were over are hoping to play pigskin again. That’s right, football players will have a second chance to play ball again. Many high school graduates never play again, says Cody Carns, coach and co-founder of Capital City Lightning.

The Capital City Lightning and 9 other semi-professional teams from across the state will participate in the Great Midwest Football Conference. In addition, they encourage local athletes of all age groups to play and improve their skills.

What you gain in the field when you work with your brothers is not something that many people find in life, ”said coach and co-founder John Nebbefeld. “I mean, three of the kids I grew up with died and I strayed from that path because of the friendships and family I found in football.”

All players who wish to join the team must sign a code of conduct which, according to the coaches, keeps them at a high level of respect, responsibility and integrity.

It’s so cool too, the money raised will support players who cannot afford the equipment and registration fees through sponsorships and merchandise sales displayed on

CHECK IT OUT: 100 sports records and the stories behind them

KEEP READING: Here Are 50 Of The Most Famous Sports Goofs

MORE: 10 Best Detroit Lions Top 10 Draft Picks Of All Time

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Today in history Wed, 28 Apr 2021 04:08:04 +0000

Today is Wednesday April 28, the 118th day of 2021. There are 247 days left in the year.

Today’s highlight in history:

On April 28, 1967, heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title after refusing to be inducted into the armed forces.

To this date:

In 1788, Maryland became the seventh state to ratify the Constitution of the United States.

In 1945, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci, were executed by Italian partisans as they tried to flee the country.

In 1952, the war with Japan officially ended with the entry into force of a treaty signed in San Francisco the previous year. General Dwight D. Eisenhower has resigned his post as Supreme Allied Commander Europe; he was replaced by General Matthew B. Ridgway.

In 1958, the United States conducted the first of 35 nuclear test explosions in the Pacific Proving Ground as part of Operation Hardtack I. Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat, began a tour of goodwill in Latin America which was marred by hostile crowds in Lima, Peru and Caracas, Venezuela.

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter accepted the resignation of Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance, who had opposed the failure of the rescue mission to free American hostages in Iran. (Vance has been replaced by Edmund Muskie.)

In 1986, the Soviet Union informed the world about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

In 1988, a flight attendant was killed and more than 60 people injured when part of the roof of an Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 was torn off during a flight from Hilo (HEE’-loh) to Honolulu .

In 1994, former CIA official Aldrich Ames, who passed US secrets to the Soviet Union and then to Russia, pleaded guilty to espionage and tax evasion, and was sentenced to life in prison. without parole.

In 2001, a Russian rocket took off from Central Asia with the first space tourist, Californian businessman Dennis Tito, and two cosmonauts on a trip to the International Space Station.

In 2010, Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry said a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was worse than officials believed and the federal government was offering to help the oil giant industry BP to contain the slick threatening the American coastline.

In 2015, urging Americans to “do some soul-searching,” President Barack Obama expressed deep frustration at the recurring deaths of blacks at the hands of the police, rioters who responded with senseless violence and a society that would do nothing but “Feign worry” without getting to the root. causes.

In 2019, former Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, a leading voice in foreign policy during his 36 years in the Senate, died in a Virginia hospital at the age of 87. with estimated ticket sales of $ 350 million domestically and $ 1.2 billion worldwide.

Ten years ago: President Barack Obama reshuffled his national security team, CIA Director Leon Panetta succeeding Defense Secretary Robert Gates and General David Petraeus replacing Panetta at the CIA. Convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a California girl, Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped in 1991 at the age of 11 and rescued 18 years later. (Phillip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years in life; Nancy Garrido was sentenced to 36 years in life.) Patrick Chan of Canada won the world figure skating championships in Moscow.

Five years ago: Vice President Joe Biden urged Iraq on an unannounced visit not to let its crippling political crisis upset hard-fought gains against ISIS.

A year ago: President Donald Trump signed an executive order under the Defense Production Act to keep meat packing plants open; he classified meat processing as critical infrastructure. The Navy said the number of sailors aboard the USS Kidd who tested positive for the coronavirus had risen to 64, or about a fifth of the destroyer’s crew. Joe Biden won the Ohio presidential primary, the first major test of the statewide election by mail amid the virus outbreak. Hillary Clinton became the last Democrat to endorse Biden as the party continued its unification efforts. Democrat Kweisi Mfume easily won a special election to complete the term of late Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings.

Today’s Birthdays: Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III is 91 years old. Actor and singer Ann-Margret is 80 years old. Actor Paul Guilfoyle is 72 years old. Jay Leno, former host of “Tonight Show”, is 71 years old. Rock musician Chuck Leavell is 69 years old. Actor Mary McDonnell is 69 years old. Rock singer-musician Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) is 68 years old. Actor Nancy Lee Grahn is 65. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is 61 years old. Rapper Too Short is 55 years old. Actor Bridget Moynahan is 50 years old. Actor Chris Young is 50 years old. Rapper Big Gipp is 49 years old. Actor Jorge Garcia is 48 years old. Actor Elisabeth Rohm is 48 years old. Actor Penelope Cruz is 47 years old. Actor Nate Richert is 43 years old. Television personalities Drew and Jonathan Scott are 43 years old. Actor Jessica Alba is 40 years old. Actor Harry Shum Jr. Actor Jenna Ushkowitz is 35 years old. Actor Aleisha Allen is 30 years old.

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TX Woman’s Oklahoma past haunts her with 20-year VHS rental Wed, 28 Apr 2021 02:32:33 +0000

Remember those Friday nights as you browse your favorite video rental store, you in the horror section, your mom in the drama section, then you meet online while begging your mom to let you rent “Sleepaway Camp 3” for the bajillionth time? Just me?

I’m sure you remember those Friday nights when you rented a VHS. Well, maybe now is the time to check your home to see if you have any unreturned VHS rentals because you might be in trouble – just like that poor woman from Texas who found out she was coping. two-decade embezzlement charge on VHS rental at closed Oklahoma video store!

That’s right, poor Oklahoma native Caron McBride only recently found out she had these accusations when she went to the DMV to change her married name on her driver’s license after her marriage to the Texas.

Due to the pandemic, online reservations were required for the DMV, when McBride tried to make an appointment she received an email saying she had a “problem in Oklahoma.” When McBride followed up, she was connected to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office. A woman on the phone told McBride that she had been charged with embezzlement of rented property in March 2000.

It was then that McBride learned that she was accused of never having returned “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” to a rental location in Norman, Oklahoma. McBride believes the culprit is an old roommate she had who had young daughters at the time.

While the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office has agreed to drop the case, she will still have to erase it to delete his file.

I think my only question here is what movie “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” was it? The one she’s going to in Australia or the one with Ryan Reynolds?

WATCH: TV Locations in All States

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A Guide to Roller Rinks in North Jersey Wed, 28 Apr 2021 01:07:20 +0000

Indoor activities are always required in New Jersey where the weather can be unpredictable. Roller skating in an arena can be a fun and active way to spend an evening, whether it’s for adults, kids or family skating nights. There are plenty of places to spend an evening gliding in North Jersey, not far from Hudson County. Whether you are an expert in roller skating or looking to start a new hobby, check out our list of roller rinks in the north of Jersey.

Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center {Clifton Avenue, 7th Avenue, Newark}

Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center

{Photo credit: @djwallah}

Adult skating nights and family skating nights as well as events for young and beginner skaters are available at this property. Entrances and skate rental prices vary depending on the night of the week, and spectator tickets are also available for purchase.

Read more: Where to Go Hot Air Ballooning in New Jersey

Frenchtown Ice Rink {2998 Daniel Bray Highway, Frenchtown}

Events of all kinds can take place in Frenchtown, including birthdays, after-school skate clubs, fundraising events, classes, and physical education school openings. Events and times vary in this family business.

Inline Skating Club of America {170 Schuyler Avenue, North Arlington}

Complete with a full-service snack bar and arcade, the Inline Skating Club of America offers a complete skating experience with background music. Free skating is available on weekends only, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., and rental skates can be purchased on site.

Find out more: Guide to Golf Courses in New Jersey {+ Beyond}

South Amboy Arena Rollermagic {270 N. Stevens Avenue, South Amboy}

South Amboy Arena Rollermagic

{Photo credit: @southamboyarena}

This rink offers many options for skaters of all ages and skill levels, including skating lessons, a competitive skating club, lockers and an observation area. There’s also a full-service skate shop and a full-service snack bar, as well as a novelty store. Public skating is available most days of the week, but full facility rentals can be arranged for any day.

Villa ice rink {2121 NJ-57, Washington}

Villa ice rink

{Photo credit: @villaskaterink}

Graffiti and light effects add to the decor of the Villa’s ice rink, where themed Halloween skates are also offered. The Adult Skating Night takes place on the third Thursday of each month, but private parties and other events can be scheduled on flexible days. Free skating takes place on Wednesdays and every day of the weekend.


Written by: Erica Commisso

Erica calls Hoboken her adopted home, having moved from Toronto, Canada almost three years ago. She graduated from NYU School of Journalism last year and now spends her days writing and reading. Her interests include everything from sports to books to fashion, and she falls more and more in love with Hudson County with each passing day.

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Businesses cry scandal over Toronto restaurant turned ghost kitchen Wed, 28 Apr 2021 00:43:35 +0000

Relations have deteriorated between a trio of food companies and a restaurant on Toronto’s waterfront, where chefs have said they have been left embarrassed by the owner of Loch & Quay.

Since January, three companies have taken to social media in a public spinoff with Loch & Quay owner Ryan Mungal.

None of the business owners involved wanted to report on the matter, but the Mexican food company Tenaz and hamburger company Keto Food Co. have made public statements on Instagram and Facebook about being left to reclaim kitchen space after suddenly losing their space at Loch & Quay.

Earlier in March, Chen Chen’s hot chicken also reported on Instagram having to leave the shared space due to “unforeseen circumstances and unexpected construction”.

Chef Chen Chen has since opened his own brick and mortar on West Queen West, taking over the old Convenience bar space with his fried chicken menu. Tenaz and Keto Food Co. weren’t so lucky.

Tenaz owner Celia Nelson and Keto owner Michael Hay both hit out on Instagram and the public Facebook group. Food industry navigator about their continued search for permanent spaces since leaving Loch & Quay, which has evolved into an experimental ghost kitchen format since the summer.

“I came to work today to find that suddenly there is no more room for us in our shared kitchen,” Nelson said in a message on April 18.

“We just had our busiest day ever, and now we need to prepare for our operations. But we don’t give up that easily.

Nelson reports arriving at Loch & Quay’s kitchen and finding his things packed in boxes.

Hay, who initially said he was kicked out of space, actually later confirmed that he packed his bags and left after allegedly not having access to a kitchen for three consecutive days.

For his part, Mungal alleges that he was blocked from Food and Wine Industry Navigator by Hay’s partner, one of the group’s directors.

Meanwhile, questions have arisen in the Facebook community about Loch & Quay’s operations and the reasons that have led several small businesses to say they have had the rug under their feet trying to find their place during COVID- 19.

Mungal denies evicting businesses from Loch & Quay, telling blogTO he was “caught off guard” about Keto’s departure from space, and that Chen Chen also left the common kitchen “without notice.”

He insists that all vendors be made aware of changes to their kitchen rental contracts, which saw rentals end “on a temporary and occasional basis” in mid-April.

Mungal also says construction has been going on in the 3,000-square-foot space for over a year. He says this has led to temporary kitchen arrangements, but also reduced rents for businesses. Instead of charging rent, he says he recently proposed moving to 50-50 sales splitting, which he says has been a basis of disagreement for participating partners.

All of this, in addition to Loch & Quay, which reopened its own take-out and delivery service, which required a reorientation of operations, appears to have contributed to the fallout.

But not all sellers have left Loch & Quay’s shared kitchen concept. At the time of publication, Ice Creamonology and Taste the Antilles still operate from 390 Queens Quay West. According to Mungal, Brazil Box will join space in May.

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Yelizaveta Tuktamysheva on the 2022 Olympic Winter Games: “That’s all that’s left” – OlympicTalk Wed, 28 Apr 2021 00:27:00 +0000

Twice Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu to the reigning world champion Anna shcherbakova, some of the biggest names in figure skating team up with a stuffed animal fans could throw on the ice following an epic performance.

Yelizaveta Tuktamysheva Could have hoped that wreaths would be thrown at the self-proclaimed “Empress” upon her arrival at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships – her first appearance at the event since her victory in 2015. However, the absence of non-athletic spectators at The Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden left Tuktamysheva to summon an inner strength, a force that had already brought her back to the top of the sport after six years on the outskirts, to ultimately win a silver medal as part of the ‘a Russian sweep alongside Shcherbakova and Aleksandra Trusova.

“I had to believe that was not the end,” she told on Sunday. “I had to tell myself that I still had a future, that I had to keep going and that adversity would only make me stronger. Every time I’ve had a bad situation in my life I’ve told myself this. Bad things are going to happen, but I have to survive and move on.

“My career has been a lot like a mountain, something I climbed before I could climb again.

This rise was strewn with peaks and valleys during the last Olympic quadrennium. Tuktamysheva was on track for a place in the world team in 2019 after a bronze medal in this season’s Grand Prix final, only for pneumonia that forced her out of the Russian national championships. She eventually lost her spot to the Olympic silver medalist Yevgenia Medvedeva during a start for the Russian Cup final.

“I was really upset when I knew I wasn’t going to go into the world, and [that] has not been an easy time for me in my career, ”she said before laughing,“ I’ve been through a lot of times like this. “

This last season started off the same way; days after delaying Trusova and European champion 2020 Aliona kostornaya at the Rostelecom Cup, Tuktamysheva tested positive for COVID-19 and was off the ice for two weeks.

“I didn’t have terrible symptoms of COVID, just a fever for two days, and I remember feeling so tired. I’m glad I only got sick like this, and relieved it wasn’t anything worse.

Unable to afford another takedown, the 24-year-old made the trip to the Nationals, a thunderclap filled with teenage quad biking, and finished fourth among eligible athletes in the world to trigger another breakout. tie between her and Kostornaya – who had pulled out due to her own COVID diagnosis.

“I was happy to be able to show my programs at the national championships because it was important to be there and to skate as well as possible,” said Tuktamysheva. “I was happy that I didn’t fall with each jump and it wasn’t that bad!

“After COVID, it took a while to skate my free skate with good breath; I was getting tired faster than before. In the Russian Cup final, I realized I was back in shape and ready to compete.

A near-perfect free skate in Moscow – one that included a triple lutz-triple toe combination in addition to her pair of three-axis jumps – secured her a long-awaited return to the world, where she placed third in both games. of the competition. to finish second overall.

“For me, international competitions have always been less under pressure than those in Russia. Our national competitions have a good number of girls jumping in quads, and so when I went to the worlds I felt so much less pressure, and just… like I was able to appreciate the fact that I was am actually a very good skater. “

It is this kind of radical franchise that has helped make Tuktamysheva a fan favorite and one of the main figures in his sport.

“I feel people understand me because of my openness to them,” she explained. “I’m the same person on social media, in interviews, in real life, and I think that’s why people don’t just see me as an athlete, but as their friend. Their love and support gives me a lot of energy.

A season rich in domestic competition saw her gain the unlikely support of rivals like Shcherbakova, with whom she led Russia to a first World Team Trophy victory earlier this month. in which Tuktamysheva was the team captain.

“We started to look more like friends,” Tuktamysheva said. “She’s a really cute and sweet girl, and I feel comfortable around her. At competitions where her parents couldn’t be with her, I tried to keep her company.

Seven-year-old senior of Shcherbakova, Tuktamysheva does not envy the unique competitive atmosphere encouraged at the Sambo 70 club, led by the coach Eteri Tutberidze and home to a burgeoning new generation of Olympic-eligible talent such as the world junior gold and silver medalists Kamila Valiyeva and Daria Usacheva.

“I didn’t feel about the same amount of pressure at their age that I’m sure they feel now,” Tuktamysheva says. “It was another era in figure skating; the level was not as high so it was easier for me to feel confident about my place in the sport.

“At the same time, I was such a crazy girl growing up, and no one could stop me or say anything to me! I just lead with my mind.

Tuktamysheva’s triumphant victory in the 2020-2021 season puts her in a surprisingly good position to finally compete in an Olympics, having fallen short of the squad in 2014 and 2018. Looking to set her agendas with the famous coach Aleksei mishin before taking a short vacation in the Maldives, she plans to do everything she can to earn the only crown that is still missing from her collection.

“I had a lot of good times and had a long career,” she said. “An opportunity to finally make it to the Olympics would be the icing on the cake. In my wildest dreams, I see myself winning bronze, silver, gold, standing on this Olympic podium. It’s going to be so hard to get there, and I don’t want that to be my main goal for next season, but it would mean so much to me and my career to be able to make it to the Olympics.

“I’ve already done almost 100% of what I can do, and that’s all that’s left.”

OlympicTalk is activated Apple News. Favorite us!

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Summer date ideas in Ontario that take you to secret places Wed, 28 Apr 2021 00:05:32 +0000

The sunniest season is on its way, which means that you will soon be able to enjoy sandy beaches, ice creams and wonderful hikes.

If you are looking for summer date ideas in Ontario, then these secret places are worth keeping in mind for fun adventures with your favorite person.

Go on a Boozy bike tour

Price: $ 35.00 + per person

When: Opening May 22, 2021

Address: 1627 Niagara Stone Rd., Niagara on the Lake, ON

Why You Must Go: You can cycle through Niagara and visit beautiful wineries with Grape Escape Wine Tours. There are all kinds of options to choose from, including a morning tour and a patio tour.


Chase a waterfall

Price: parking fee

When: the opening date will be announced

Address: County Road 13, Eugenia, ON

Why you must go: Eugenia Falls is a magical place to see in the summer, and you can explore scenic hiking trails and enjoy the view of the 30-meter waterfall.


Spend a day in the sand

Price: free

Address: Ipperwash Beach, Lambton Shores, ON

Why You Must Go: Ipperwash Beach is one of Ontario’s longest freshwater beaches, and it’s the perfect place to soak up the summer sun without the crowds.


Hike to incredible views

Price: $ 5 per person

When: Opening May 15, 2021

Address: Rock Dunder Summit Trail, Rideau Lakes, ON

Why you must go: Admire the Thousand Islands as you hike through Rock Dunder, which will take you to the top of the world.


Paddle a river

Price: $ 18 + per hour

When: Opening May 1, 2021

Address: 30 York St., Stratford, ON

Why you need to go: You can enhance the romance by going down a scenic river with your favorite person this summer. Avon Boat Rentals offers kayaks, pedalos and more, and you can take in the charming views of charming Stratford as you paddle along the water.


Treat yourself to ice cream on the beach

Price: prices vary

When: Opening in April 2021

Address: 290, rue Bridge, Port Stanley, ON

Why you need to go: It’s not summer without enjoying ice cream, and the charming Broderick’s Ice Cream Shop serves tons of flavor. Plus, it’s a short walk to the beach, so you can enjoy your cone while strolling on the sand.


Cozy near a campfire

Price: $ 100

When: the opening date will be announced

Address: 7893 Bleeks Rd., Munster, ON

Why You Must Go: Saunders Farm brings back its campfire nights, and you can snuggle up under the stars while enjoying treats like hot corn and, of course, s’mores.


Lose yourself in a field of sunflowers

Price: to be announced

When: Opening in July 2021

Address: Hwy 48 & Sideroad 17 Beaverton, ON

Why you need to go: You can let your love grow by strolling among the flowers at The Sunflower Farm. The massive field will be even bigger this year, so it’s worth adding to your bucket list.


Float above the wrecks

Price: $ 40.71 + per adult

When: Opening May 22, 2021

Address: 7425 Hwy. 6, Tobermory, Ont.

Why You Must Go: Blue Heron Cruises will take you on a tour of incredibly magical scenes, including historic wrecks.


Go pick berries

Price: prices vary

When: Opening at the beginning of May

Address: 2935, chemin Barrie Hill, Springwater, ON

Why you need to go: Spend time together in the lush fields of Barrie Hill Farms, where you can fill your baskets with all kinds of delicious fruit.


Walk among the purple flowers

Price: to be announced

When: Opening scheduled for mid-June

Address: 7484 6/7 Sideroad Nottawasaga, Creemore, ON

Why You Must Go: Purple Hill Lavender Farm has over 3 acres of purple flowers, and you’ll feel like you’re on a date in the European countryside.


Before you get started, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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Hoover Business Happenings – Tue, 27 Apr 2021 22:16:12 +0000


1. Helen Hays opened Haven Space Lounge at 5291, chemin Valleydale, unit 125. 205-582-2600,

2. Longhorn Steakhouse opened its new restaurant at 1063 Amber Drive in the Stadium Trace Village development on April 13. 205-986-0600,

3. Taco Bell opened on an outparcel at 5622 Grove Blvd. in The Grove Shopping Center.

4. Former Auburn University and NFL player Reggie Torbor and his wife Michelle were to open a new cafe called Taproot Cafe, 5190 Medford Drive, Suite 124, in April. The cafe offers healthy, seasonal dishes from local suppliers.

5. The new Dunkin ‘ opened at 2415 Acton Road on April 13, offering coffee, donuts and other goodies to nearby residents.

6. Joint chiropractic, 270 Doug Baker Blvd., Suite 400, is now open and offers pain relief and preventative care by licensed chiropractors with evening and weekend hours. 205-927-4892,

7. The US 280 location of Best buy moved from River Ridge Mall and is now open at Brook Highland Mall at 5201 US 280. 205-437-8966,

Coming soon

8. Whiskey Foxtrot Burger Dive, 2341 John Hawkins Parkway, has pushed back its scheduled opening date at the former location of Jubilee Joe’s Cajun seafood restaurant to May 24.

News and Achievements

9. On April 19, Hoover City Council approved Whataburger to build a drive-through restaurant on the site currently occupied by Pier 1 Imports in the Riverchase Promenade shopping center.

10. Ruby Sunshine, a New Orleans-inspired all-day brunch restaurant, plans to open a new location at 5243 US 280. It also has a location in Homewood’s Edgewood neighborhood.

11. The juicy crab The restaurant chain, which started in Duluth, Ga., In 2015, plans to open a location in the former Logan’s Roadhouse in an outparcel in the Colonial Promenade Hoover Mall at 2740 John Hawkins Parkway. In mid-April, there was a location of The Juicy Crab in Tuscaloosa and more planned in Hoover, Dothan, Mobile and Montgomery. In total, The Juicy Crab in mid-April had 32 restaurants in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas and another 15 listed as ” coming up “on the company’s website, including the four newcomers to Alabama.

Removals and renovations

12. Maven Hair Co. moved to a new location at 1001 Beaumont Avenue, Suite 101. 205-616-4255, Company-130107177837191

13. On April 5, Hoover City Council approved a license for Lots of Vino to sell beer and wine for consumption off the premises at 1650 Montgomery Freeway in the Hoover Square Mall.

14. The construction of the new Brock’s Gap Brewing Co. Brewery and Faucet Room which will be at the corner of Stadium Trace Parkway and Mineral Trace, right next to the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium car park.

15. Construction of the yellow hammer purchased a 1,414 square foot office condo in the 280 Village office complex at 2803 Greystone Commercial Boulevard, Suite 18. Yellow Hammer Construction was leasing the space. Terry Ponder of NAI Chase Commercial Real Estate represented the owner in the transaction and Tina Baum of RE / MAX Advantage South represented Yellow Hammer. Josh Thaggard of Cadence Bank provided the funding. 205-617-1166,

16. On April 19, Hoover City Council gave Delta Investments and Development approval of the conversion of the Riverchase Car Wash site at 3641 Lorna Road into a convenience store and gas station.

17. D&G Development began construction on a new 12,600 square foot mall in the 5,400 block of US 280, adjacent to Tattersall Park. The hub is said to include Anatole’s bike, skate and surf shop, Dunkin ‘donut and cafe, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, and Jersey Mike’s Subs. 423-429-1107,

18. Veterinarian Alexandria Sheppard joined Banfield Pet Hospital inside the PetSmart at 3780 Riverchase Village, Suite 300. Sheppard graduated from Hoover High School in 2009 and received a BA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Biology, Chemistry and Marine Sciences in 2013 and an MA in public health and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from St. George’s University in Grenada. She joins Dr Brett Earley at Banfield Pet Hospital. 205-682-9893,

Staff travel

19. ARC Realty had several new agents join its Hoover office at 5220 Peridot Place, Suite 124, in Stadium Trace Village this year. Patti schreiner and Dave taylor came to ARC Realty from RE / MAX, Clara berguson moved from Signature Homes to ARC Realty, and Brittany Mareno joined the ARC Realty team. 205-969-8912,

20. Dr Mark Kidd, Owner of Double Oak Mountain Animal Clinic, 5490 US 280, died April 4. The veterinary practice will continue to operate with Dr Robert Douglas, and Dr Jason Vargas, the medical director of VCA Liberty Animal Hospital in Liberty Park, has also started providing care at the Double Oak Mountain Animal Clinic. 205-991-5446,

21. Leigh White moved from the Belk spa and salon to the Riverchase Galleria to Chase hair and nails, 3825 Lorna Road, Suite 204. White previously worked at Chase Hair & Nail. She joins Theresa Abouhaidar, Jill Marie Rodriguez, Tracy Giles, Jean Mcree, Carolyn Lovell, Jina Norris, Lina Harb, Sonja Hardy, Jane Smith, Tonya Albarado and Cindy Cross. 205-982-2008

22. Ronald Eason and Ted swartz joined the Hoover office of Krch Realty, 2112 Rocky Ridge Road, Suite 100. 205-543-5303,

23. Global services, a screen printing, embroidery and logo company of 512 Mineral Trace in the community of Trace Crossings, celebrated its 28th anniversary in March. The company was formed in Bluff Park in 1993, moved to Pelham in 1998 and returned to Hoover in 2006, said co-owner Navdeep Harang. 205-987-7787,


24. Cathie Bonner, physiotherapist and clinic director at South’s Greystone Therapy , 2823, boulevard commercial Greystone, celebrates its 10 years there. 205-408-1713,


25. F45 South Hoover gym and fitness center, 1713 Montgomery Highway, Suite 139, closed April 12.

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Tarasova and Morozov to train with Tutberidze ahead of Olympic figure skating season Tue, 27 Apr 2021 22:08:31 +0000

The three world medalists will train in Moscow ahead of Beijing 2022 on a competitive stage for Olympic places.

Three-time world medalists in pairs figure skating Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov are ready to train with a well-known trainer Eteri Tutberidze for the next Olympic season.

the Russian Figure Skating Federation announced the partnership Tuesday (April 27) in a press release.

Tarasova and Morozov will continue to work with Sochi 2014 Olympic champion Maxim Trankov, although it looks like they are done working with Marina zueva, which is based in the United States

The duo are expected to train in Moscow.

Tarasova and Morozov won their third national title after an emotional strain in December in Russia. They finished fourth at the world championships last month, behind two other teams representing the Russian Skating Federation: Anastasia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov, who were surprise gold medalists; and Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii, who won bronze.

Three teams will represent the nation in the next Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, but the race for these places in the couples discipline will be competitive.

Tarasova / Morozov finished fourth in PyeongChang 2018.

Tutberidze coached Alina zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva to their double at the 2018 Winter Games, while his charge Anna shcherbakova also won the women’s singles event at the world championships this year.

The three Russian national medalists Vladimir Morozov and Evgenia Tarasov …

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