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Former NFL star Vernon Davis invests in JAXJOX smart home gym


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Former NFL tight end Vernon Davis has joined the home connectioneD gtherem syouarsheep JAXJOX as anot Inotvesyouohr anotD branotD partist. The company’s products include free weights and kettlebells with built-in sensors to track workout data such as reps, sets, average power effort, calories burned and heart rate.

The complete JAXJOX InteractiveStudio The smart gym is about 80 inches tall, including its 43-inch 4K touchscreen to show metrics and stream workouts. The product costs $2,499 plus a monthly subscription of $39. Daviswho has appeared in two Pro Bowls in 14 NFL seasons, will create workouts for JAXJOX, participate in live Q&As and share fitness tips with community members.

Since ending his NFL career in 2019, Davis has starred in Hollywood movies such as gasoline alley with Bruce Willis and Muti with Morgan Freeman. Its investment in JAXJOX follows the company’s addition of Four-time US Olympic gold medalist Michael Duane Johnson on its advisory board last month.

Home fitness start-up Kabata also manufactures free weights with integrated sensor. Kabata secured funding last month from English soccer star Daniel Sturridge, former NBA player Zaza Pachulia, Golden State Warriors manager Kirk Lacob and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

Techstars’ current accelerator in Indianapolis also includes two smart gym startups designed to reinvent the facility weightlifting experience. RepOne similarly embeds sensors on the weights themselves, while EvenLift deploys AI-enabled cameras to track a user’s exercise, how much weight they lift, their rep count, and their form.

“Now [people are] coming back to stupid, big box gyms, and they’re expecting the same experience they’re having now at home,’ Indianapolis Techstars general manager Jordan Fliegel recently told SportTechie. “…These gyms realize they have to evolve.”


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