Government Agency online loan application guide for Employees and Pensioners


How to submit an Government Agency loan application online

How to submit an Government Agency loan application online

Public employees and pensioners who are looking for a loan can resort to Social Institute ex ex Government Agency loans. Short term loans that give access to even large sums with which to face expenses of various kinds. But how to apply for funding? The online Government Agency loan request must be sent electronically.

However, the procedure for submitting the application varies according to whether the applicant is a public employee or pensioner. Employees must send the request through the Administration they belong to. It is therefore necessary to contact the public office where you are hired, in order to send the application for funding.

The transmission takes place electronically by the Administration, which acts as an intermediary between the civil servant and Social Institute.

However, the procedure for pensioners is different. In this case, in fact, we have several channels for the transmission of the application. Public pensioners who wish to apply for an Government Agency loan can choose to send the application independently, or by availing themselves of Social Institute assistance or authorized patronage.

Those who choose to transmit the application independently must connect to the Social Institute website and reach the service called Public Employee Management: services for Workers and Pensioners. Log in with Pin Social Institute is required for transmission of the application.

Download the Government Agency loan forms

Application forms can be downloaded directly from the official Social Institute website. To reach the models to be used for the Government Agency online loan request, you must first access the All modules section of the Social Institute website, and then choose the Public Employee Management filter from the right side menu.

At this point, simply use the additional filters to easily find the form of our interest. Specifically, the path to follow to find the demand models for Government Agency loans is: Public Employee Management; Member / Pensioner; Credit and social benefits. The Government Agency online loan application forms are available both in Pdf and zip format.


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