Great Falls Figure Skating Club gears up for spring recital


GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Figure Skating Club is gearing up to skate through the seasons at their upcoming spring recital. The skaters have been working on their performances for weeks and are excited to invite everyone to experience what passion and dedication look like.

Stephanie Kazior, president of the Great Falls Figure Skating Club, couldn’t be happier to see her students’ hard work paying off.

“I think all the skaters are thrilled! We took group photos the other day and they couldn’t stop smiling and I think they all know it’s going to be awesome,” she said.

She noted: “With Covid and its return, it has been very difficult to just get on the ice. So trying to hold shows and practices while keeping costs down for skaters so they can afford to skate has been difficult, but this year we made it work.

With the Great Falls Ice Plex opening to public skating and thanks to donations from companies like Ox & Son Towing and Auto Auction, Stephanie was ready to get the show started.

“For our club to skate, it costs between twelve thousand and fifteen thousand dollars for the season, so having Ox and Son generous enough to write us a check was a dream come true. They helped all of that for sure,” Stephanie explained.

Three guest skaters were also brought in from Colorado: “I brought them in to inspire our girls and boys who are in our club who yearn to be a little more competitive to show them what it’s like.”

The show is March 4 at 5 p.m. at the IcePlex. Tickets are $7 at the door or $5 if you bring a can. For more information, visit the Facebook page.



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