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The spooky season is just around the corner and if you’re looking to celebrate Halloween this year with something special, Airbnb is now offering rentals for the original home of the 1996 classic thriller. Scream.

For just $ 5 per night, you’ll have the chance to stay in one of the most iconic homes in horror film history with up to four people. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a virtual welcome from none other than David Arquette’s Sheriff, Dewey Riley, who will greet you for your stay. After exploring the house itself with all of its crisp on-screen details such as the knife marks on the garage doors, you’ll be treated to a marathon of all four movies. Scream movies on VHS to get you up to speed ahead of the release of the fifth installment, and there will also be a direct phone line that will connect you to Ghostface. Of course, you can also feast on a range of classic ’90s snacks like Jiffy Pop or Reddi Ice Cream and even take home a Scream keepsake set including DVDs from all four films, Woodsboro High gear, a Scream (2022) poster and more.

More importantly, only three overnight stays will be available for October 27, 29, and 31, so fans of the franchise should definitely be on the lookout once reservations open. In addition to offering the house for rent during the scary season, Airbnb will also make a one-time donation to Ween Dream, which provides free Halloween costumes to children in need across the United States.

“Protecting the town of Woodsboro is my life’s duty, and I have certainly developed a knack for escaping Ghostface,” said Riley. “As the host, I will keep a watchful eye on guests to make sure no one is surprised by an unexpected twist. Believe me, horror movies always keep him interesting, for better or for worse… ”

For fans of the cult classic, Airbnb will open bookings for the Scream home on October 12 at 1 p.m. EDT on its website.

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