Harold L. Schmidt’s “The Etching” is a contemporary Christian fiction that follows an Olympic skater through unexpected twists and turns.


“The Etching”: a pleasant and inspiring fiction which will make readers run to discover what could take place in Beijing. “The Etching” is the creation of published author Harold L. Schmidt, playwright, composer and screenwriter. Schmidt resides in Tucson, Arizona, with his loving wife, Sheila, and his three dogs, Beatrice, Penny and Achmed. This is his first novel.

Schmidt shares: “Sometimes a leap of faith requires three revolutions and a perfect landing.

“At seventeen, Shay Gerrard becomes the new American female figure skating champion, taking one more step towards achieving her dream of winning Olympic gold. Everything is going according to plan until a State Department official arrives at Shay’s home with staggering news: Shay’s father, from whom he is estranged, has been arrested in Beijing for attending a church in. illegal house. Shay insists it must be a mistake. His father was an avowed atheist. What would he do in a house church in China?

“When news is announced that an American Olympian father has been jailed for his religious beliefs in the host city of the Olympics, Shay is swept away by a political and media storm that will follow her to Beijing and threaten her Olympic dream. Shay was never a believer, but before the Games are over, Shay Gerrard will amaze the world and find that God often uses the most unlikely of people for His greater good.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Harold L. Schmidt’s new book is a series of delightfully surprising events that lead to an unexpected ending.

With a creative narrative and affable characters, Schmidt presents a wonderfully vivid literary work for the reader’s pleasure.

See a synopsis of “The engraving” on Youtube.

Consumers can purchase “The Etching” at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “The Etching”, contact Christian Faith Publishing’s Media Department at 866-554-0919.

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