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4:38 PM October 25, 2022

Residents of the Great Yarmouth area are invited to share their thoughts on responsible dog ownership on public land.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is looking to renew a public space protection order (PSPO) regarding dog control.

The council has launched a survey on its website asking individuals, landowners, the parish council and other organizations if they want to maintain the existing order for another three years.

A range of popular dog breeds.
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No additional dog control measures are proposed as part of the consultation, but the main controls under the existing PSPO are:

  • Not recovering your dog mess.
  • Request for dogs on a leashwhich empowers authorized municipal officers to order that a dog be kept on a leash if it is considered to be out of control, causing alarm or distress or causing a nuisance.
  • Dogs on a lead are compulsory on certain sites for the sake of hygiene, nuisance prevention or respect. These locations include Great Yarmouth Old and New Cemetery, Caister Cemetery, and some playgrounds where residents must walk through them to access their property.
  • A total ban on dogs in some areas. Currently, people are not permitted to bring dogs into Magdalen Lawn Cemetery and Old Gorleston Cemetery, fenced children’s play areas, fitness areas, skate parks and multipurpose play areas.
  • Seasonal checks (1 May to 31 September) by Yarmouth and Gorleston beaches and parts of the walks.

Message to dog owners.  Clean it Up slogan on the pavement in Gorleston.  Photo: James Bass

Message to dog owners. Clean it Up slogan on the pavement in Gorleston. Photo: James Bass

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Paul Wells, chairman of the council’s environment committee, said: “The majority of dog owners in our borough are very responsible, but there continues to be that minority who break the rules, and our rangers in the environment are using the powers of the PSPO to adopt successful proactive enforcement against these individuals.

“The creation of this PSPO six years ago essentially consolidated and updated the borough’s longstanding dog control measures under the latest legislation.

“To ensure these terms remain relevant, we are required to consult on the current order every three years to help the board decide whether or not to renew.

“I encourage people to express their point of view.”

Only four fines have been issued for dog fouling in East Devon this year despite over 200 comp

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is asking people if they would like the council to continue its public spaces dog protection order in the borough.
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Until Sunday 20 November people can take part in the consultation at www.great-yarmouth.gov.uk/have-your-say.

Paper consultation forms can be sent to those who request them via 01493 846478 or [email protected]


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