Housebuilder’s donation supports the skating club

Members of the North Lanarkshire Figure Skating Club continued to develop their skills even while their regular rink sessions were on the ice.

Ingenious coaches at the Coatbridge-based club have been developing a range of workouts for months as their Time Capsule home was unavailable due to coronavirus shutdowns.

They were supported by a £ 1,000 donation from Persimmon Homes, which awards two grants per month to good causes as part of its Community Champions program.

Skating club committee member Claire Doran said, “This entire region has been hit hard and we want to support those whose families have struggled over the past year.

“We would like to acquire more off-ice facilities and run classes, which is why we reached out to Persimmon Homes for assistance.”

Club members are between 6 and 47 years old and have a wide range of backgrounds, abilities and challenges – including two Olympic hopefuls.

The grant is used to fund off-ice equipment for skaters and to help develop the growing range of off-ice workouts to help maintain physical fitness and skills.

As Covid-19 restrictions across Scotland eased yesterday at level three, leisure facilities began to reopen and the The Time Capsule rink is once again available to its established clubs with regular reservations.

Persimmon Homes North Scotland Managing Director James MacKay said: “Like many clubs and societies, the North Lanarkshire Figure Skating Club has suffered over the past year, with facilities closed and no means of pursue their usual fundraising opportunities.

“We salute their determination to move forward with off-ice resources and hope our donation will make a big difference.”

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