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After a two-year hiatus, Jason Brown is back to doing what he loves most. Currently on tour with Stars on Ice in the United States, the two-time Olympian is soaking up every second of being able to perform in front of a live audience again.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in early 2020, skating tours were canceled worldwide, and although shows returned to other countries in 2021, that was not the case. in North America.

Brown admits he never knew how much performing for a live audience meant to him until the option was no longer available to him. “It’s so special. I’ll never take it for granted playing in front of people again. I don’t feel like I did in the past, but especially now I’m enjoying every moment,” he said. he said during a tour stop in New York.

“Just the fact that I can perform in front of people again, tour the country with my teammates and my best friends in sports – it’s really special. There’s a great group of athletes on the tour, the band acts are so much fun and honestly it’s like this big party. We’re all so grateful to be in front of an audience and to be able to perform for people again.

Brown noted that those attending the shows seemed equally excited to be back in the arenas to watch some of the best performances in the world without the constraints of competition. “We had the warmest and most welcoming crowds. You can feel that support, you can feel the excitement – ​​you can feel it’s been so long since they got to see a skating show,” he said.

“We were so disconnected from the fans and the people who have supported us for so long, so the fact that we can play in front of them again is almost like a welcome home celebration, which makes it even more special.”

While Brown and the rest of the cast are relishing the opportunity to perform live across the country, they are also enjoying the activities the tour organizers have organized at various stops. So far, those include a trip to Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, an Elton John concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, and a hockey game in Newark, New Jersey between the Devils of the hometown and the Buffalo Sabers.

“Oh my God, it’s so special, so amazing. All these little releases we’ve been able to do are like the icing on the cake, with whipped cream on top and then the sprinkles on top,” Brown said. laughing. “It’s all those extra bonuses that have really helped the bonding experiences. It’s been so much fun and, honestly, we had the best time.”

“At every competition over the past two years, all the athletes have had to stay apart and not rub shoulders with each other. We have been so isolated for so long; so careful, so strict and always so concerned to do anything that might stop us from competing, than to come back and play in front of people and have a bit more of that shared group experience…just being together again is so amazing. ”

Brown is also excited to present his “Sinnerman” program on tour, as well as a new routine choreographed by longtime collaborator Rohene Ward.

With “travel” as the theme of this year’s 24-city Stars on Ice tour, each skater/team was asked to choose a piece of music that reflected their own journey in the sport. Brown chose OneRepublic’s iconic “I Lived.”

“We both skate solos, but they wanted us all to choose a program that reflects our own experience, our own career and our own background,” the 27-year-old explained. “So I chose this room. It’s about embracing life, the ups and downs, experiencing it all and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

“I feel so grateful, blessed and blessed to be out there doing what I love and performing the number – especially on a tour where we haven’t been in front of an audience in so many years. long – just adds to how special it is. be there. I love it.”

Ward and Brown revamped his award-winning short program “Sinnerman,” into a show number that Brown says “is almost even more challenging than the competition version, as Rohene continued to push all the tricks and put in evident at different times. It was the best to do.

“When Rohene and I created the piece, we imagined it would be performed in front of an audience. I really haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot in the last year, so now to be able to do it , It’s awesome.



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