Madison Taco Fest May Be Canceled Following Reports Of Angry Attendees In Other Cities | Local News

The TV report said the event was billed as having 10 taco and food vendors, many types of margaritas, live bands and DJs.

Eric Zyvith, who attended the same festival, told the station: “It was the saddest thing I’ve ever been to.”

Breese Stevens’ website does not specify which vendors will sell tacos, but says, “We’re working as hard as possible to bring together as many taco vendors from across town for a taste of the city via TACOS!”

Caloia said AZ Food Festivals have eight to ten taco vendors lined up.

Normally, events on the ground in Breese can hold 5,000 people, Caloia said. Due to confidentiality agreements, he said, he would not publicly share the number of tickets sold, but said Big Top is offering immediate refunds to those who have followed the reports and no longer want to go.

He said 15-20 people have requested their money so far.

Caloia said Big Top is not partnering with AZ Food Festivals, calling it an outside promoter using Big Top’s ticketing system. Big Top’s only other responsibilities are to open the doors and provide drinks, he said.

Conor Caloia, chief operating officer and one of the owners of Big Top Events, which presents events at Breese Stevens Field, said Big Top officials were following stories from other markets and considering canceling the Madison Taco Fest.


The Arizona company is responsible for coordinating the food and entertainment vendors. Big Top plans to sell beer and soft drinks, Caloia said. He won’t sell margaritas because Big Top has a license to serve alcohol in private spaces, but not to the public, he said.

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