Meet Princess Kako, Princess Mako’s younger sister: The 27-year-old Japanese royal is a fashionable figure skating champion – and a ‘beacon of hope’


She is also known for her independence.

As part of the Japanese royal family, education is of utmost importance to princes and princesses.

Princess Kako attended the prestigious Gakushuin University – the imperial family’s favorite school – from kindergarten and spent a year there for her undergraduate degree. But, in 2014, she withdrew and enrolled at the International Christian University a year later, opting for a change, according to The Japan Times.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to start student life over again and I want to spend my time here in a meaningful way,” she told a press conference.

In 2017, as part of the university program, she attended the University of Leeds in the UK and studied performing arts and psychology.

She majored in psychology at the International Christian University in Tokyo and wrote her thesis on the influence of memories and thoughts on people’s reading skills.

She graduated in 2019 and announced that she would not continue her studies, but would instead attend official engagements with the Japanese royal family.

His official duties and current employment

Since coming of age and taking on official duties in 2014, Princess Kako has become a recognized face for official family engagements. In 2019, she made her first official solo trip abroad to Austria and Hungary and met the heads of state of each country.

Princess Kako told the press at her coming-of-age event, “I believe that I should do every task I humbly receive with care and respect,” and even shared a thought or two about herself. -same. “My biggest flaw is that I have a short fuse, just like my father. At home, I often argue over minor things.

She has also taken over the activities and responsibilities of her older sister, Mako, as honorary president of the Japan Tennis Association, and works part-time at the Japan Federation of the Deaf (JFD). His duties include participating in events like the National Student Sign Language Competition to actively support the deaf community, The Asahi Shimbun reported.

She is very close to Princess Mako and always wishes her happiness

It’s no surprise that the two royal sisters are very close. Last year, on her birthday, we learned through Princess Kako that “she is happy that Mako can marry as she wishes, and wishes her sister much happiness in his new life.


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