Michael Martinez and Christopher Caluza finish 24th, 25th in the Finlandia Trophy


Filipino figure skaters Michael Martinez and Christopher Caluza finished 24th and 25th respectively at the end of their 2021 Finlandia Trophy campaign on Friday in Finland.

Martinez had a total score of 156.78 at the end of the two-game competition, with 101.16 for the free game. Earlier, the two-time Olympian had scored 55.62 for the short program.

The jumps included in Martinez’s free skate were triple axel, triple lutz-double toelop loop, triple flip, double salchow, triple loop and double toeloop loop combination attempts.

Caluza, meanwhile, had a total of 156.24 points after scoring 96.50 points in the free skate. He scored 59.74 points for the short program.

Part of Caluza’s performance consisted of attempts at triple flip, triple lutz, double axels, triple lutz-triple loop combo, triple salchow, and another triple loop.

For the free part, Martinez finished 24th while Caluza finished 26th among the 26 skaters.

American Jason Brown dominated the competition with 262.52 points while Russians Mikhail Kolyada (256.98) and Dmitri Aliev (249.25) were content with second and third places.

Sofia Frank, the Philippines’ women’s bet in the competition, will compete on Saturday night. —JCB, GMA News


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