Millions in State Funds Earned for Massachusetts Public Colleges


BOSTON — Four public colleges and universities in Massachusetts will share $120 million in public funding to build student capacity and expand science, technology, engineering and math education, as the state invests hundreds of millions of additional dollars in higher education infrastructure improvements, officials said. Wednesday.

Salem State University, Massasoit Community College, Springfield Technical Community College and UMass Lowell will each receive $30 million to fund capital projects to remodel their campuses or upgrade their facilities.

The Baker administration projects that the state-assisted upgrades “will increase enrollment capacity in these programs by approximately 2,000 students.”

Governor Charlie Baker said: “They are all designed to have a significant impact on enrollment because it is a place and a space where many children will want to come forward and where a significant number of opportunities for doing great things in the world of work once they’re done will be accessible to them.”

He spoke at an event at Salem State University, where he and top deputies announced the funding. Along with increasing STEM capital, the administration also announced plans to invest more than $400 million in the renovation of higher education campuses in the coming years.

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About $165 million will go to “critical building infrastructure” such as HVAC systems, elevators and energy efficiency, including a $30 million project at UMass Dartmouth to upgrade the liberal arts and sciences building , 56 years old.

Another $250 million will go towards smaller but significant repairs to windows, floors, bathrooms and roofs.

-Chris Lisinski/SHNS

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