New electric vehicle rental companies offering a new way to see Acadie


BAR HARBOUR, Maine (WABI) – There are many traditional ways to get around Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park in the summer.

But for those who are not walking, biking or rowing in the park and want to leave their car at the hotel, there is a new way.

There has always been a need for transportation in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. With the launch of Acadia Gem EV Rentals, co-owner Eben Salvatore says a green, carbon-free route is always best.

“They’re one hundred percent electric, they’re low-speed vehicles, which means they’re governed at 25 miles per hour,” Salvatore said. “They’re legal on any street under 35 miles per hour, it’s a paved road, which includes all of Acadia and all of downtown Bar Harbor. You can rent them online, it’s is the easiest way, then you just walk in, we press check in and give you your keys and off you go.”

“They regenerate,” said co-owner Jeff Young. “So as you go down, they regenerate. So depending on how you use it, I think most of the time you can get a solid charge of 50-70 miles.

Acadia Gem says electric vehicles are as much a new way to experience Bar Harbor and the park as a way to get around.

“The warmer the weather, the more the doors come loose,” Salvatore said. “We installed the transparent roof so that wherever you are, you can look up and see the mountains and trees. It’s just a different way of seeing Acadia.

“Kids love it,” Young said. “It’s a good thing at the end of the day. I can always make them do what I want if I tell them we’re going to go to the Gem, get some ice cream, drive around town.

Acadia Gem rents the EVs for up to a week, but Young says they’re perfect for any block of time you want to set aside for a ride in Acadia.

“We’re seeing that people who rent it so far are really choosing the two or three hours. They come back after seeing everything they wanted. Guy came back the other day after three, done sixty-five miles and had a big smile on his face.

“Visiting the park,” Salvatore added, “visiting Bar Harbor, exploring Acadia is on everyone’s list and it’s a great way to do it.”

For more information or to reserve an electric vehicle for your visit to Bar Harbor this summer, visit

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