New skating rink coming to the Timberwolf Golf Club this winter


The new outdoor attraction is slated to open later this month

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The folks at Golf Sudbury are getting ready to launch a new outdoor attraction at the Timberwolf Golf Club in Garson this winter.

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In addition to a skating rink on the 18-hole golf course, Timberwolf also creates snowshoe and cross-country ski trails in addition to an outdoor fireplace located on the lower patio of the clubhouse and a park. dogs on interval driving.

Sam Yawney, co-owner of Golf Sudbury, said he has wanted to build a skating rink on the course for the past few years and is delighted to finally have the staff in place to make his dream come true.

The new outdoor attraction, including the skating rink, will be open to the public between mid-January and the end of January.

“Other than a few latecomers who might be walking around, the Timberwolf golf course was not in use during the winter,” said Yawney.

“I’ve been thinking about getting there for a while now, and this year we finally have enough people and equipment to pull the trigger.”

Jamie Camilucci, director of maintenance operations for the Timberwolf Golf Club, shows off a large pond - as big as a football field - that is being turned into an <a class=ice rink. Jim Moodie / Sudbury Star” class=”embedded-image__image lazyload” src=”″ srcset=”, 2x” height=”750″ loading=”lazy” width=”1000″/>
Jamie Camilucci, director of maintenance operations for the Timberwolf Golf Club, shows off a large pond – as big as a football field – that is being turned into an ice rink. Jim Moodie / Sudbury Star

While Sudbury has several skating rinks, including the one in Kivi Park, Yawney said it is a way of travel for people who live on the north end of the city.

“I thought maybe having something like that in this end of town would work out well. So far I have only had positive feedback and everyone is very excited about this possibility, ”he said.

The Timberwolf Golf Club’s skating rink will run from the parking lot to the pond behind the 15th green – “about 600 yards round trip,” Yawney said.

He said he purchased an ice resurfacer last March for the project and plans to install speakers along the path so visitors can listen to music while they skate.

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“We have also dug a well in order to have the water necessary for the laying of the paths, and we are pumping in one of the ponds. We’re also going to dig a hole to flood one of the ponds, ”Yawney said.

“It’s also a pretty big pond. A great place to go for a leisurely skate. Keep in mind that this is also the first year. There has been a lot of experimentation on our part. We’re also looking to expand next year, so I’m already thinking about some of the other things we can do. “

The sky is the limit for the folks at Golf Sudbury as they consider renting equipment for the next year, including fat bikes, skates, skis and snowshoes.

The Timberwolf Golf Club will also open the lodge to the public for indoor and outdoor services when COVID-19 restrictions allow.

“We’re ready for just about anything here. Hope it takes off, which I think it will. I think we are going to be very busy, ”he said.

“Everyone is so excited and can’t wait for it to open up. People are really looking for something to do with their families right now. They can come here and spend an afternoon by the fire place and have a good time.

The Timberwolf Golf Club will charge $ 8 for adults and $ 6 for youth ages 9-18 to access the site. Children eight and under can skate for free.

Family passes will cost $ 20 and season passes will be available for $ 40 to $ 150.

More information on the skating rink and other activities will be posted on Golf Sudbury’s website in the near future at

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