Official plans are emerging for the Lloyd Center. The ice rink remains in the picture.


The new owners of Lloyd Center Mall are real estate barons of few words.

In October, when KKR Real Estate Finance Trust announced plans to shut down the crime-ridden cave of shattered retail dreams, it didn’t even honor the place by saying its name. He called the mall “Portland’s commercial asset”.

This week, KKR announced it has hired Urban Renaissance Group in Seattle to figure out what to do with Lloyd Center. URG, as it’s called, has a habit of remaking Portland. it turned Oregonianfrom the old Providence Park printing house to an eight-story office tower with an “epic” beer garden (that’s its word) on the roof.

URG Managing Director Tom Kilbane said little about what Lloyd Center will become, calling it a “one-stop-shop property” and saying URG “takes our responsibility to ensure that it continues to be a place of community gathering ”.

Assembly area? Has anyone from URG been to the Lloyd Center lately?

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A solid detail: the ice rink may well survive. “Our ambition is to embrace and preserve the characteristics of the property that make it special, including retail, creative workspaces and ice skating,” said Kilbane.

Looks like a mall with an ice rink, that’s what it is now. So much for Portlanders’ dreams, recounted in these pages over the past eight weeks, of restoring the street system or building affordable housing.


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