Online credit: discover a few tips before subscribing!


With your loved ones, you share beautiful moments and beautiful projects to come. With Cream Bank , you can count on our remote support! Now, many steps can be taken online: pay your bills, apply for a credit card, complete your tax return, apply for a residency certificate and take out a car loan, home improvement loan or personal loan.

Why is it interesting to make your credit online?

online loan

In most financial institutions, to apply for a loan, you generally need to make an appointment, organize your agenda, travel, sign numerous documents, etc. All these steps can sometimes delay the implementation of your project.

Doing your procedures online and via your smartphone can, therefore, be very practical! You do it where and when you want, just like you already do for many other services.

And most of the time, if you need personalized contact, it’s still possible. Financial organizations have a team of experts who answer all your questions and advise you. They are generally available by phone, chat, or video call … So you combine the advantages of remote operations with those of human contact.

How to make sure you make your credit online safely?

How to make sure you make your credit online safely?

Doing everything on the web can be very convenient, but you still have to be sure to do it safely.

First precaution: check that you are on a secure site. The website link will then start with “https” and, sometimes, a small padlock is also displayed, especially when you transmit personal data.

Then, to confirm your credit request online, you will generally have to authenticate yourself using secure tools or enter security codes received by SMS, for example. You understood it, to carry out an online credit, security will also have to be in order!

Why do it at Cream Bank ?

Cream Bank aims to simplify the sector while responding to consumer behavior patterns and safety requirements.

Thus, Cream Bank has designed 100% online short term loans, which are managed entirely from a smartphone or tablet and in an ultra secure manner. You apply for a car loan, renovation, mobility, personal… and you make your project a reality.

The advantages of applying for your credit online at Cream Bank :

  • You do not need to open a bank account: you stay in your bank.
  • You don’t have to travel: you do your work where and when you want.
  • You don’t need a printer or sign lots of documents: you fill out an online form, download your supporting documents and sign your contract by electronic signature.
  • You receive an immediate response in principle, as soon as your request is accepted. The time to receive money on your account can be reduced to 1 day!
  • Do you need a personalized contact and advice for your request? A large team of experts is also at your disposal.

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