Outdoor skating opens in time for the Christmas tree bonfire – Waterbury Roundabout


Nadeau asks people to respect the equipment of the rink and not to tinker with the lights. “The softbox was recently repaired from vandalism this fall – if it’s tampered with or broken again this winter by people trying to bypass and keep the lights on, there won’t be any light for the rest. of winter. So make sure you respect the property and equipment of the city, ”he said announcing the opening of the rink.

He also noted that the ice will occasionally be closed for resurfacing as needed. In addition, if temperatures rise, the rink may be closed until conditions are better for the ice to be solid and usable.

Notices will be posted in the park as well as on the Recreation Department’s Facebook page and the Front Porch forum, he said.

Skating over at Crossett Brook Middle School

Crossett Brook Middle School principal Tom Drake said it looked like the school’s outdoor rink would open on Saturday. The cold temperatures this week allowed the ice to set well.

The ice rink is used by students for outdoor physical education lessons during the week. Drake says it will be open to the public after 3:30 p.m. on weekdays and anytime on weekends. However, the ice rink has no light.

School staff will post the rules for using the rink on site. “Thank you in advance for following the appropriate COVID regulations when using the ice rink,” Drake added.

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