Overland Park repeals pit bull ban, Leawood now only subway town with breed restrictions

Overland Park City Council unanimously approves repeal of pit bull ban

On Monday evening, Overland Park City Council unanimously approved removing breed-specific language from the city code, repealing the city’s 15-year ban on pit bulls.

Animal welfare groups applauded the move.

Critics of the old city code, which specifically banned certain breeds of dogs associated with the catch-all term “pitbull”, have unfairly decried the breeds and their owners.

“Now [Overland Park] families can own any animal they want, allowing more animals to be adopted from shelters and find their forever homes, ”said Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, a national rescue group of nonprofit animals, in a statement sent Tuesday.

The ordinance, which was on the council’s consent agenda on Monday, makes a series of other changes to the municipal pet code, including the implementation of a new fee schedule to reward the pet sterilization and microchipping.

Leawood now remains the only Kansas City subway town with a pit bull ban on its books.

Prairie Village plans to install an electric vehicle charging station near the skate park

The town of Prairie Village discussed Monday installing an electric vehicle charging station near the newly renovated skate park.

Currently there are two electric vehicle charging stations in the new public works building, 3535 Somerset Drive. The new stations would occupy four parking spaces near the Harmon Park skate park, 7701 Mission Road, near the Town Square.

The stations would cost the city $ 20,000 and the full council committee agreed to move the matter forward at a future regular city council meeting.

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