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After the birth of his twin daughters, Mr. Gibson had put the trade aside for several years but was forced to return to it during the COVID pandemic.

“I left it for a while, then during COVID I resumed turning wood. I had all these skateboards around, and it was a good opportunity to spend some time trying things out.

“As I progressed the bowls got bigger and more detailed and started to look a bit tidy, and the bowls got a bit more uniform. I always look at a bowl and think of something else I could have done, or how I could have ordered the antlers differently.

“The trick is to try to get a nice color on the edge because those will be the highlighted areas. I have already done this where I made a bowl and had some raw wood on the edge. It’s purely random nature to put them together. If it’s a bit simple, I put it back on the lathe and start pushing and moving on to the next layer with a little color ”, Gibson explained.

Each of the People’s Choice winners received a $ 1,000 prize from MAG&M Society members. Northern Beaches Council CEO Ray Brownlee congratulated the winners and thanked MAG&M Society for their support of the People’s Choice Awards.

“It’s wonderful to see these works celebrated by the artists and locals at the exhibition. They contribute, along with the many other works on display, to a positive discussion about our environment, the climate and ideas for the future ”, Mr Brownlee said.

The winning works were presented in a free exhibition at the three venues alongside the other finalist works. At MAG&M, works engaged in the practice of contemporary art were on display, while the portable and functional design category was presented at the Curl Curl Creative Space. The young finalists were presented at the Mona Vale Pop Up Gallery.

Images: Defender of the beaches of the North

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