People start skating on Grenadier Pond in High Park


Sharpen your skates as it is peak skating season. Toronto is full of outdoor rinks and trails to slide on, but if you’re looking to hit one of the natural rinks the city has to offer, you’re in luck. People start skating on Grenadier Pond in High Park.

With extreme cold warnings last weekend, the 35-acre pond froze over and people were spotted skating on the body of water over the weekend.

Skating on Grenadier Pond didn’t become legal again until 2015. Even though the city’s website says the pond is closed for the season, people tend to bend the rules and slip on the ice .

City staff monitor ice levels and place flags around the body of water to inform people of ice conditions.

The flags have not been posted yet but are expected any day since we had a bit of a chill last week.

While other rinks are maintained, the pond has no icebreaking, equipment rentals, or shelter.

The pond also sees herds of cross-country skiers every year, venturing across the open snowfields.

Whether it’s playing shinny or honing your skills, the rink offers a ton of space to slide around without bumping into others.

Toronto asks people to stay in designated areas and keep their dogs out of the pond, but not everyone is familiar with this rule.

If you’re looking for a natural ice rink closer to home, there are over 30 natural ice rinks in the city that you can also visit.


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