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Construction of the Union Road roundabout is expected to begin in August

PASO ROBLES – At the April 19 City Council meeting, an update was given on completed, current and future capital and public works projects in Paso Robles.

Capital projects

Recent completed projects

Floors of the changing rooms of the municipal swimming pool

Get through this together, Paso Robles

The floors of the changing rooms of the municipal swimming pool have been redone. The installation is one of the oldest that the city still preserves. Next, staff will replace the pool coping, which is the material used to cover the edge of the pool or the shell wall.

Current projects

Fire station 3

The city plans to move forward with Fire Station 3 located on Union Road. Construction of the project was scheduled to begin on May 2. Newton Construction is starting to mobilize this week and construction activities are expected to begin next week. The project is expected to be completed in May 2023.

Uptown Family Park Water Feature Replacement

City staff are making progress toward replacing the current water feature at Uptown Family Park on 36th Street. Staff are waiting for the architect’s revised plan to be approved and hope to complete the project before the heat wave subsides.

Centennial Park Shade Sail

Centennial Park is about to install a new shade sail for the patio. Staff are waiting for the plan to be officially approved. The shade sail is currently in the maintenance yard and should be installed soon after approval.

Barney Schwartz Park Pump Track

Barney Schwartz Park pump track plans are being reviewed. The pump track is a looping, paved bike path currently being designed by the same company that created the skate park at the Tokyo Olympics. The project is expected to cost $350,000 and is funded by the REC Foundation.

In design

Construction of Pickleball County Complex

Sherwood Park Area Master Plan

experienced flood plan and flood path issues

the architect presents 3 new concepts revisited on May 3 at the workshop

Law Enforcement Facilities at 4305 Second Wind Way

The process is underway for the police station at 4305 Second Wind Way. There were a series of design meetings and according to staff the layouts were agreed upon. The project architect is currently carrying out a technical assessment of the buildings.

Public works projects

Airport lights upgrade

Paso Robles Municipal Airport received new taxiway lights through an FAA grant.

West Side Street Pavement Rehabilitation

Some streets on the west side of Paso have had pavement rehabilitation. Additionally, the following streets received a Thin Maintenance Overlay (TMO): 2nd Street, 3rd Street, Oak Street, 11th Street, 19th Street, and 22nd Street.

Roundabout for Union Road and Golden Hill

Construction of the new roundabout at Union Road and Golden Hill will be delayed until August due to a delay in receiving materials. The project contractor was to mobilize in July. However, the first stage of construction is to install specific pipes underground. But these pipes should no longer be delivered before August. City staff say the upside is that the road will be open for the upcoming Fourth of July fireworks show at Barney Schwartz Park.


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