Public rally scheduled as calls for Council to build skateboard park in town of Newry intensify – Armagh I


A counselor called Newry, Morne and Down District Council to finally deliver a skate park to young people in the neighborhood.

Independent adviser Gavin Malone made the appeal after meeting with activists who he said have become “frustrated with the lack of progress in recent years.”

Newry DEA’s elected representative said a skate park was promised as part of the planned Albert Basin Park development by the previous board, but never materialized.

The claim comes a week after local authorities agreed to ask the Department of Finance for £ 16million to build the Newry City park project.

Cllr Malone asked the board to ensure the group’s voices are heard in future consultations.

He said: “They are very excited that a popular state-of-the-art park will be developed at this site in the future.

“They asked for a skate park to be included in future development plans for the Albert Basin.

“I explained that the Council is committed to developing a popular park and that representatives of the skate park community should participate in future consultations to ensure their voices are heard.

“I have also agreed to bring this opportunity to the attention of relevant council officials to ensure that their concerns are heard and to include them in future park planning.”

Newry Urban Sports, which formed in 2012, is a group of skateboarders, skaters and BMX enthusiasts campaigning for a permanent concrete skatepark for the city.

The group is urging people to come out and support a public rally to be held in Newry this weekend.

A spokesperson said: “We have been involved in a campaign for a skatepark in Newry for 20 years.

“Over the past two decades these sports have developed a more mainstream audience, especially skateboarding, which recently made its Olympic debut.

“Skateboarding, bmxing and other urban sports have been marginalized in the neighborhood for too long and we welcome the support offered by Councilor Malone.

“We have also been involved in the Albert Basin Park project since its inception and hope that a skatepark will be included if the park goes ahead.

“We would like to encourage everyone to attend the public rally for the park on Saturday at 3 pm in Marcus Square, Hill Street, Newry.

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