Receptions on wheels: Food Trucks are coming



From raw oysters and lobster rolls to alcohol-infused ice cream, food trucks offer modernized, pandemic-friendly wedding spreads.

“The food truck is uniquely suited to handle the flow – and the food is just arriving,” said Matt Geller, managing director of Best Food Trucks, a Los Angeles-based company that runs food trucks for customers and sites.

Food trucks can serve 100 meals in an hour if they’re fast, so Mr. Geller recommends having at least two salty trucks and a dessert truck for a 100-person wedding.

Ten years ago, food trucks were a complement to weddings – it was not unusual to see a slide-out food truck glide to a reception as guests departed. Today, food trucks are the main meal.

The food It’s all about the lobster, but you won’t have to deal with the damage caused by cracking shells. It’s a marriage, after all. Couples can choose to serve everything from lobster rolls and lobster tater tots, to lobster tacos and grilled lobster cheese “sammies”.

Deals “We are inundated with people asking for our truck for their weddings,” said Sabin Lomac, owner of Maine Cousins ​​Lobster, which operates 40 food trucks and 11 restaurants spread across the United States from New York to Texas.

The price $ 3,000 minimum, starting at $ 40 per person for a dish (a lobster roll or a lobster taco or a lobster grilled cheese) and an appetizer (New England clam chowder, lobster bisque or lobster lobster ).

The food Ice cream with and without alcohol (although during the process most of the alcohol content is lost, leaving the flavor of alcohol). Flavors include drunk French toast (maple ice cream with hazelnut liqueur and crumbled cinnamon cookies); Lightly toasted almond (Amaretto ice cream with toasted almond pieces); Mint Chocolate Chip (Peppermint Schnapps Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips); and rosé sorbet (peaches and rosé wine) are staple products.

Deals Sharp cones is based in Stratford, Connecticut, and during the majority of the pandemic, Connecticut has limited capacity at gatherings. “So for food trucks, that meant no festivals or big parties,” said Brooke Santagata-Albers, owner of Tipsy Cones. They were already booked for 2020, but at the end of May 2020 all of their events have moved to 2021. Now some events have already moved to 2022.

The price Everything is customizable, but a party of 50 people in Connecticut (they only serve that state) starts at $ 700.

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The food Raw oysters, clams, shrimps, lobster rolls, grilled lobster cheese.

Deals Truck shuckin ‘ is a family business based in Point Judith, RI, and does business in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It has two scallop boats, a year-round oyster farm and their own commercial fishing boats. The seafood comes from their fishing boats or other fishermen in the Rhode Island area, and it’s picked up by the Shuckin ‘Trucks the next day – when it’s served. Ninety-five percent of its full program has been postponed due to the pandemic. Everything is cooked in the truck. An entire wooden raw bar structure is fitted with sneeze guards.

The price Starts at $ 55 per person with 50 people minimum for an unlimited raw bar, unlimited appetizers, lobster rolls and seafood tacos.

The food Refreshments. Help yourself to champagne, rosés and other types of wine and craft beer from the taps attached to the trailer, or use one of its bartenders to pour and mix mimosas, bellinis and signature cocktails.

Deals During the pandemic, the Van of Prosecco Silvercloud, which is based in Austin, Texas – though the company will travel across the United States for larger events – has seen most of its bar service business shift from a full-service bar to a model in self-service with taps. “Since we have taps on the outside of the trailer, guests can serve any of our cocktails on tap, making it a safe option for socially distant events,” said Yvonne Johnson, Founder of Silvercloud . The company has added staff to meet the growing demand for tap trailer rentals.

The price Starts at $ 999 for three hours, which includes the trailer but no alcohol (you or your caterer can provide wine and alcohol for the trailer for this option). Before the pandemic, the most popular package cost $ 2,149 for three hours of service for 100 guests, which includes three hours of trailer rental, a licensed bartender, and a draft (wine and prosecco on tap). Silvercloud offers a selection of prosecco, craft beer, cider, and red wine for this package.

The food Grilled cheese sandwiches, tater tots, tomato soup. These aren’t ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches – they offer expanded options such as asago with prosciutto and aioli; sharp cheddar with grilled pulled pork and caramelized onions; and the mixed vegetables melt with Muenster, caramelized onions and herb aioli.

Deals After the pandemic, activities have essentially closed Gorilla Cheese NYC, the truck served essential workers in New York. Since the reopening of the film industry, they take care of television and cinema sets. They serve the New York metro area.

The price Starts at $ 600, but the average party is $ 2,100 and serves 125 guests for two hours, offering a full sandwich menu, tater tots, tomato soup shooters, and soft drinks.

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