Richmond Heights, Euclid’s Police, and firefighters form friendships with those they serve at Skate With a Cop event


EUCLID, Ohio – The Richmond Heights Police Department teamed up with the Euclid Police Department on Saturday, December 18 to host their second Skate with a Cop event at Euclid’s CE Orr Arena, 22550 Milton Ave.

The free two-hour event allowed young people and adults from both cities to get to know the officers who serve them. About 40 young people came with their parents to skate at the event, which also included the participation of Euclid’s firefighters. The event was organized with the help of Kate McLaughlin, Euclid’s Community Policing Specialist.

“Kate McLaughlin and I were very pleased with our second Skate with a Cop event,” said Richmond Heights Police Chief Thomas Wetzel. “This type of event is truly community policing at its best.

“Often an interaction with a police officer can be viewed as a negative experience because the officer may take law enforcement action or deal with a victim of a crime. The Skating with a Cop event only implies a positive experience with a cop, as everyone has fun together chopping ice and sharing the camaraderie.

“It was also a great example of regionalism in the area of ​​community policing,” he said. “It’s good when the neighboring cops can have fun together instead of being involved in dangerous tense circumstances where their lives are in danger. The only danger during this event was to slip on the ice.

Police Sgt. Euclid. Joel Barron, left, and Richmond Heights officer Jim McVey were two of the officers who also went their separate ways on Saturday in Skate With a Cop.

“We even hope to have a roller skate with a police and firefighter event afterwards. Stay tuned.”

The last Skate With a Cop took place last year, coordinated by RHPD Patrol Officer Jim McVey, who also helped organize this year’s event.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said McVey Skate With a Cop. “The goal is interaction. There were a lot of kids having fun seeing cops and skating with them. There isn’t a lot of fast skating. It’s just more of spending time with them, a chance to get together and maybe talk about things.

While Saturday was mainly devoted to young people, McVey said it was a prelude to another event he is hosting.

“We are looking to organize a friendly hockey game between the police and the fire department,” he said. “It would be in March and will also be open to the public. Anyone who wants to come see police and firefighters playing against each other, they will see all different skill levels.

The hockey game will take place on March 12 at the CE Orr arena.

To see more photos of Skate With a Cop, visit the Richmond Heights Police Facebook page.

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