RTL Today – TravelmatKanner: Free activities in Luxembourg with children, part II


This week’s TravelmatKanner focuses on free activities you can enjoy all over Luxembourg, not just in the city!

Do you remember our article on free activities to do with children in Luxembourg City?

Now is the time to explore more ideas of what you can enjoy with kids for free in the together country, and made not include the activities of the city of Luxembourg that were included in the first article.

1. Playgrounds

There are amazing playgrounds all over the country that you can enjoy freely, with different themes, whether in the forests or in the cities, with water activities or climbing trails or bocce courts, or everything what precedes. Luxembourg has some of the best playgrounds of all its neighboring countries and maybe you should organize a little outing with the kids to try and visit them all, a cool little challenge!

If you ask me, I really think Luxembourg is a paradise playground.

Some of the best online resources for finding playgrounds in Luxembourg are:
Visit Luxemburg
Aquatic playgrounds in and around Luxembourg – RTL Today

2. Ride on free public transport

Luxembourg is probably the only country in the world where public transport is free.

Take the trains, trams and buses with the children, show them good practices. Help them recognize places in cities, different streets, play a car brand recognition game by looking out of vehicle windows, or drive to your favorite destination in the north or south of the country. You can also just enjoy the air conditioning in the tram on a hot summer day…

3. Visit a free museum

One of the museums you can visit for free is the Muerbelsmillen, The Mustard Museum.

The Old Mustard Cloth is a free entry museum, where visitors can see the old water mill, authentic artefacts and documents explaining the mustard making process as well as packaging, invoices etc.

The Museum is open every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Address: 69, rue de Mohrfels, L-2158 Luxembourg

Check the following link for more information.

Be sure to check the website as there are days and times when tours are free.

4. Nature hike

As most of you know, Luxembourg has great hiking trails all over the country that are perfect for kids. Forests, rivers, lakes, bridges, small picturesque villages, themed hikes, everything is available in Luxembourg.

You can also have beautiful picnics, games, family photo shoots, observe the stars or clouds, take a mushroom discovery tour (do not cut or eat mushrooms if you are not a mycologist , It may be dangerous). Whatever comes into your head, as long as you respect nature and its inhabitants, the fauna and flora.

Nature is free but must be respected.

Here are some good online resources for finding hiking trails:
Visit Luxemburg (too here)
All trails

5. Your local municipality

Many municipalities organize events and parties with free access. Always keep an eye on the announcements of your Commune or other Communes because there is always something to enjoy for free.

6. Mini Traffic Playground

Children will enjoy learning the rules of the road in a mini traffic playground like the one located in the Capellen playground near the Capellen tennis club. It’s really a nice miniature of a real road with mini traffic lights, zebra crossings, road signs and more. Fun and learning guaranteed!!

7. Visit a skatepark

Many skateparks are present throughout Luxembourg.

For amateurs, for beginners and for advanced skaters, there are plenty of places to try skating.

Here are some useful online resources for finding skate parks in Luxembourg:
Visit Luxemburg

8. Join the free activities offered by Hariko

Hariko – A place where young people can be creative, experiment and discover various art forms.

Hariko organizes many events and activities that are mostly free, so it’s always a good idea to have their website practice.

It is aimed mainly at teenagers but there are also activities for children. Currently there are two locations. One in Esch-sur-Alzette and one in Ettelbruck.

9. Visit the open-air art museum in Kahler

Kahler is a wonderful little place where a local artist has turned local homes into works of art with his amazing graffiti. Walk the streets to discover them all and perhaps even inspire future young artists.

10. Visit the always open and free animal park in Esch

Many Luxembourg families like this park, which also has beautiful playgrounds, green spaces and is an ideal destination for a relaxed Sunday. Free pet food is also provided.

11. Annual parties with free admission.

Luxembourg hosts major festivals for children every year with free entry.

science fair

Around each month of November, a major scientific festival takes place at the Abbey of Neumunster by the Natural History Museum supported by the National Research Fund.

As of this writing, details for the 2022 festival have yet to be announced.

Naturmuseum Fest 2022

On September 11, 2022, the Natural History Museum will offer various workshops, 20 animation stands, visits to laboratories and collections, DIY workshops, games and discovery visits.

And all this for free! Don’t miss it.

Gromperfest in Binsfeld

This year it is on the 4th of September and if you and the kids love potatoes this is the place to be.

Different activities are planned for children such as crafts, face painting and of course potatoes. Children can pick potatoes from the field and bring them home. What fun!

Many medieval festivals such as the coming to Koerich

It will take place on September 17 and 18, 2022 and it is very popular due to the multiple experiences offered and the free tours of Koerich Castle.

12. Casino Luxemburg

Always free access to the CASINO LUXEMBOURG, space dedicated to modern art.

Can be combined with a nice walk in the city of Luxembourg.

The workshops are chargeable but they are free with the Kulturpass. https://casino-luxembourg.lu/fr/infos-pratiques/contact-acces

13. Visit local markets

Despite its small size, Luxembourg has many local markets. Why not try to visit them all with the children? Of course not all in one day lol Kids can learn about fresh local produce, or antiques, or just enjoy the atmosphere of an outdoor market. Here is a useful link:

14. Biodiversity

The Nature and forest center Camille Gira Biodiversum in Remerschen is located on the edge of the “Haff Réimech” nature reserve. It hosts interactive exhibitions on two floors in a building with remarkable architecture.

Their themes are linked to the protection of birds and nature, to biodiversity as well as to the historical and geological evolution of the nature reserve and its region.

The lake that surrounds Biodiversum is also wonderful to explore.

15. Museum of the cloth factory in Esch-sur-Sûre

The Cloth Factory Museum is free for children and young adults under 21.

It features well-preserved clothing-making machinery and is an important part of the region’s history.

16. Wiltz Firefighters Museum

In Wiltz there is the firefighters museum with free entry.

It will fascinate children not only for its old fire engines but also for its equipment and the daily work of firefighters.

It can be combined with the Wiltz garden – also with free admission.

17. Wiltz Garden

A really nice garden, with many species of flowers and greenery and a magnificent view of Wiltz. The garden was created by people with disabilities, the long-term unemployed, artisans and artists.

18. Belvedere Observation Deck

I must say this amazing place was a big hit with the kids when we visited.

It is a beautiful walk in the forest to visit the platform with an amazing view of the Sûre river and stunning nature.

We suggest you visit once in summer and once in winter to enjoy the landscape of different colors.

19. Tempelskamp viewing platform

Another observation platform on the Haute Sûre lake, built like a wooden hut and with a breathtaking view.

The exact location and coordinates to find it are here.

20. Pixel Pixie Pass

Something interesting if you visit the Cité de l’image in Clervaux.

More information here.


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