Seized or Fugitive: What We Know About the Oligarchs and Their Assets


Alisher Usmanov, 68, a metals and telecommunications magnate with an estimated net worth of $16.2 billion, has been sanctioned by the United States and the European Union.

– A villa in Golfo del Pevero, on the island of Sardinia, worth around $19 million, has been seized by Italian authorities. Suspended:

– The $600million Dilbar superyacht sits in a Hamburg shipyard, with authorities saying they have no plans to deliver it to the owner. – Everton FC has suspended its more than $15 million naming rights deal with Usmanov’s holding company, USM.

– Usmanov has given up his presidency of the International Fencing Federation, fencing’s supreme body, and has declared that he will no longer play a role in the organization. – A Bombardier plane linked to Usmanov is one of several Russian planes believed to have been grounded at Europort airport in French Alsace by Swiss airspace closures.

En route: – An Airbus A340 Prestige plane linked to Usmanov departed Munich, Germany, for Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on February 28 and has not been tracked since, according to Radar Box data.

Slowly, :- The US Treasury, while blocking Usmanov’s assets, left companies controlled by him off its sanctions list in an effort not to raise commodity prices.
ROMAN ABRAMOVICH Roman Abramovich, 55, a billionaire politician nicknamed ‘Putin’s banker’ with an estimated fortune of $12.3 billion, is not on any sanctions list

For Sale:- Abramovich has announced that Chelsea Football Club is for sale and will donate the proceeds to war victims in Ukraine.

– British MP Chris Bryant says Abramovich was trying to sell his 15-bedroom mansion in Kensington Palace Gardens to avoid sanctions. He bought the house in the London neighborhood dubbed “Billionaire’s row” for 90 million pounds ($119 million) in 2011.

– A plane linked to Abramovich is at Europort airport, unable to depart due to Swiss airspace restrictions. Signed on:

– New York real estate records show a trio of Upper East Side properties worth $92.3 million are linked to his ex-wife Dasha Zhukova, a New York real estate developer who is married to the maritime heir Stavros Niarchos. It is also building the 21-story Ray Harlem, which will house the National Black Theatre, according to its website. Go sailing:

– The $600million Solaris yacht linked to Abramovich left the Barcelona shipyard where it was under repair on Tuesday, March 8. – A Boeing 787-8 linked to Abramovich flew from Moscow to Dubai on March 4, according to Radarbox data.

OLEG DERIPASKA Oleg Deripaska, 54, an industrialist who founded aluminum giant Rusal was sanctioned by the United States in 2018

Swarmed, not seized: – FBI agents raided a historic New York townhouse at 12 Gay Street, Greenwich Village, and a Washington DC mansion connected to Deripaska in October. The tycoon responded on social media saying no one lives in these properties.

– “I have to ask: how much of Putin’s money was found in those abandoned houses yesterday? he said, asking sarcastically if the investigators had discovered moldy jam or vodka in the cupboards. –Through an LLC in the British Virgin Islands, Deripaska also owns a townhouse at 11 E. 64th Street, which he bought for $42.5 million in 2008, according to New York court records York.

– These properties have not been seized by the government, despite sanctions preventing it from doing business or owning property in the United States. – Deripaska’s British Virgin Islands holding company also owns 5 Belgrave Square. He bought the mansion in London’s exclusive Belgravia neighborhood for 25 million pounds ($33 million) in 2003, according to multiple media outlets.

Softened: – US sanctions were lifted against Rusal and its parent company En+ in 2019 when Deripaska reduced its stake below a majority threshold to 44.95%. However, there are still fears that the Russian oligarch is pulling the strings of his business empire behind the scenes.

En route:- Deripaska’s $65million Clio yacht is one of many billionaire-owned ships anchored in the Maldives, which does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, according to the database MarineTraffic.

VLADIMIR POTANIN Vladimir Potanin, 61, the CEO of Norilsk Nickel with an estimated net worth of $22 billion has not been sanctioned by the EU or the US.

Resignation: – The Guggenheim Museum said Potanin resigned as one of its trustees last week. He had held this position since 2002, acting as a major benefactor and sponsoring shows, including a show by Kandinsky currently in New York.

En route: – The billionaire’s 88-meter (290ft) yacht Nirvana sailed to the Maldives, which does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, according to MarineTraffic.

– Potanin is estimated to have lost almost a quarter of his wealth since the sanctions impacted the ruble and the Russian economy, according to Bloomberg. Igor Sechin

Igor Sechin, 61, CEO of Rosneft considered one of the most powerful people in Russia, has been sanctioned by the US, EU and Britain. Capture :

– French customs officers seized Sechin’s 190ft (58m) yacht Amore Vero worth $120million as it attempted to flee a port on the French Riviera. ALEXEY MORDASHOV

Alexey Mordashov, 56, the son of a factory worker who became a steel tycoon with an estimated net worth of $29.1 billion, is on an EU sanctions list.

– Mordashov transferred his stakes in travel and tourism group TUI after sanctions were imposed on him, Bloomberg reported. – A UK filing showed the steel magnate transferred a $1.1 billion stake in mining company Nordgold to his wife Marina, according to Bloomberg.

Seized: Italian authorities have seized Mordashov’s Lady M yacht, moored in Imperia, and valued at 65 million euros ($72 million).

EUGENE SHVIDLER Eugene Shvidler, 57, partner of Roman Abramovich with an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion
Seized: – Britain has seized a private jet it says was linked to Shvidler at Farnborough Airport under new aviation sanctions that give it the power to detain any Russian aircraft.

VLADIMIR SOLOVIEV Vladimir Soloviev, 58, pro-Putin Russian TV host who is on the EU sanctions list

Seizures: – Two Lake Como properties worth 8 million euros belonging to Solovyov have been seized by the Italian authorities.

GENNADY TIMCHENKO Gennady Timchenko, 69, president of the Russian national hockey league with stakes in oil and gas companies has been sanctioned by the US and EU

Seizure: – Italy seized Timchenko’s 50 million euro ($55 million) yacht called Lena while it was docked in San Remo.

OLEG SAVCHENKO Oleg Savchenko, Member of the Russian Parliament

Seizure: – Savchenko’s 17th-century Tuscan Villa Lazzareschi, worth €3 million, has been seized by Italian authorities.

PETR AVEN Petr Aven, an oil investor who built a European business empire with an estimated net worth of $4.7 billion, is on an EU sanctions list

Suspended – Aven’s stake in his firm LetterOne Investment, which has stakes in Spanish supermarket chain Dia and a German energy group, has been frozen following EU sanctions.

– The Latvian government is seeking to revoke his citizenship, despite announcing plans to open a museum there a week before the war in Ukraine began, the FT reported. Resigned

– Resigned from his position as a trustee at the Royal Academy of the Arts in London. The arts organization said it would return its donation to its current Fancis Bacon exhibit. MIKHAIL FRIDMAN

Mikhail Fridman, Aven’s partner at LetterOne with an estimated net worth of $12.3 billion is on the EU sanctions list

– Withdrew from investment firm LetterOne which he confused Suspended:

– Pamplona Capital management said it has begun to disentangle itself from LetterOne. Other banks have told the FT they are also reviewing their lending relationships. – Fridman’s north London home, which he bought for 65 million pounds ($86 million) in 2016, has not been frozen because he is not subject to British sanctions, according to several media reports.

ALEXANDER ABRAMOV Alexander Abramov, co-founder and chairman of Russian steel producer Evraz, with an estimated net worth of $5.9 billion, is not sanctioned

En route: – Abramov’s yacht, the Titan, arrived in the Maldives last week, according to MarineTraffic
Source: Reuters


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