Skaneateles Figure Skating Club presents ‘Beauty And The Beast’ on ice


Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ comes to life on the ice as part of Skaneateles Figure Skating Club’s ‘Ice Dreams’ show. Coach Lisa Mirabito says students ages 7 to 18 are part of a full cast. All ages are on the ice at the same time and work as a group to play in the event.

Choosing Disney’s favorite was easy for many students and coaches. The skaters themselves were asked which shows they would like to perform and among the shows listed was ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Lisa says.

The ice skating event is the culmination of a year of hard work and it’s also a way to bring new skaters into the mix, she adds.

“We hope, as a family program, to attract more skaters of all ages. We offer a learn to skate program at the YMCA and hope that these skaters will see a performance and want to learn to skate. Whether it’s figure skating or hockey, take lessons and have fun,” she adds.

The students themselves are very excited to show off their skills to family and friends, and Lisa adds that the event is also a great way for the entire program to come together.

“Putting on a show allows skaters to perform and interact with each other and I think there’s a real benefit to that and to the sport,” she says.

Skaneateles Figure Skating Club presents “Beauty and The Beast” on Ice on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 at Skaneateles YMCA. Tickets are $10. To learn more and buy tickets today, click here.


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