Symetra First Shift: the first seats installed at the Climate Pledge Arena

Before taking on her own family medicine shift on Friday, Jennifer Avila-Smith teamed up with her hockey fan husband Chris and aspiring hockey fan daughter Isabella at the Climate Pledge Arena to participate in the installation. . the first sieges of the future house of the Kraken. Hence Dr. Avila-Smith’s scrubs under his personal protective equipment entering the brand new arena.

“You just have to go in and see the changes, it’s so much more real,” said Avila-Smith, who with her husband attended concerts, a roller derby and the circus in the old campus arena. from the Seattle Center. “We are very excited and looking forward to it. To be able to bring [our daughter] and friends and family, it’s even more exciting.

Chris Smith did the honor to affix the final bolts to secure the first four seats in the upper eastern bowl of Climate Pledge Arena, in Section 202, where the Smiths will watch the Kraken home games as ticket holders from season starting this fall. Chris Smith bolted the seats like a pro.

Team Kraken broadcaster Everett Fitzhugh (side note: we’re just six months away from hearing his radio calls) described the moment as “the easiest home improvement project of his life.” For his part, Chris Smith said he was smiling ear to ear behind his mask when he sat in one of those seats to see his nighttime sight for the first time in person.

FYI for the fans: The rink is currently laying specialist workers on 13 miles of piping as part of the arena’s ice factory system, which will freeze the rainwater collected on the historic rooftop of Climate Pledge Arena, stored in an underground cistern.

Chris Smith’s manual work was achieved through the hard work of a team of subcontractors with expertise in the installation of the frame and seating. Adam Engel was on hand to unpack the four seats and put them in place for the final bolting. Engel and his teammates will be hand-carrying each boxed seat to its location (Friday in the upper eastern bowl) over the next several months.

Engel, who has installed seats in five NHL stadiums and three major sports arenas among other projects, says carrying the seats one by one isn’t the hardest part of the job. Drilling and epoxying the metal studs holding up long beams for the rows of seats is what is most difficult. The first seven hundred seats were installed on Friday.

For fans wondering about the comfort level of the new seats, Symetra executive Trinity Parker was on hand to confirm a happy fact: “The seats are awesome,” she said on Friday as she spoke. with Fitzhugh. “I could just stay here.”

Parker attended the big day as part of Symetra’s role as the first founding partner and exclusive life insurance partner for the Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena. Look for more upcoming news in our Symetra First Shift. In fact, Parker had his own inaugural experience.

“It’s my time here [inside Climate Pledge Arena]”Said Parker, senior vice president of marketing, communications and public affairs at Symetra.” It’s amazing, the first seats, so much closer to bringing [professional] hockey back in the northwest.

Before Dr Smith left for work and then on a family vacation, she envisioned her first game of Kraken at the Climate Pledge Arena, now fortified with a seat in the seat she will occupy. She said the family “will arrive as early as possible and have a fun outing of it all,” including pre-game events (rest assured there will be plenty of activities).

Chris Smith wondered who would join the family in the fourth seat, but the Smiths confirmed that Isabella would be there. She has her own mini stick and ball from the Kraken retail store in Chandler’s Cove. The family lives two miles from the Sno-King Renton rink.

“She can learn to skate early,” said Dr. Smith, who practices at Valley Medical Center in Covington, about 20 miles south of Seattle. “Who knows, maybe a hockey player herself. She does well with it. [the stick and ball]. ”

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