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How is the saying going? April showers bring May flowers? Well… maybe not at 9,000 feet!

Snow or sun, Woodland Park is getting ready for spring. Spring in the city above the clouds means several things: hiking weather, the return of farmers’ markets and festivals, and – for the city’s public works and parks and recreation personnel – a lot of preparation.

All sports fields and parks in the Town of Woodland Park are prepared and maintained by the Town’s Facilities Maintenance Division. Sports programming and park rentals are coordinated by the Parks and Recreation Department. Parks and Recreation also offers a variety of sports and activity planning and promotes trails and open spaces to improve the quality of life for its residents. These two departments work together to ensure that parks and grounds are ready to play in the spring.

The two city parks that require the most maintenance and preparation are the Meadow Wood Sports Complex and Memorial Park. These are the most popular parks in the city and require more time and attention than others.

Features of Meadow Wood Sports Complex

• three natural lawns / irrigated ball fields

• a synthetic grass baseball field

• a multipurpose synthetic turf pitch

• four tennis / pickleball courts

• hockey rink (in-line rink / basketball court in summer)

• Playground

• Dog park

• walking path

The three natural grass fields require hours of preparation to be ready for opening day, the first Saturday in May. The fields of earth are turned over, the outer fields of grass are aerated and fertilized, the water is turned on and the irrigation is tested. Restrooms and concession areas are checked for any leaks. On the other hand, synthetic turf pitches are available for play as soon as the snow is out of the playing areas.

Tennis / pickleball courts open April 1 as long as there is no snow or ice on the playing area.

The regulation size rink is used for ice hockey and skating during the winter months. After the ice season, the shading system is dismantled, the benches are removed, the surface mats removed and all are stored until the following season. The white paint, Luminice, is washed off the concrete and the rink is converted to an inline skate with two portable basketball standards brought in from storage.

Features of the Memorial Park

• a large group pavilion

• a belvedere

• four picnic shelters

• an efficient shelter

• a pond with a fishing dock

• an interactive slow river

• basketball court

• Playground

• concrete footpath

• toilets all year round

In the spring, winter damage is repaired, the grass is aerated and fertilized, the water is turned on and irrigation is tested, the mulch areas are groomed and replenished, and the pond fountains are put back into operation. square.

The Facilities Maintenance Division is also responsible for the preparation, upkeep and maintenance of the flower gardens in all the city.

Flower gardens are located throughout the city in parks and major intersections and along American Highway 24. Flowers are purchased and gardens are maintained by the Public Works Department. Assistance is always welcome with the planting and maintenance of flower gardens. Interested in adopting a garden? Please contact the Department of Public Works.

Here at Woodland Park we are fortunate to have some of the best scenery in Colorado. We hope you enjoy some of these landscapes in one of our many beautiful parks.

Robyn Brown is Director of Public Works, Cindy Keating is Director of Parks and Recreation and Steve Varner is Team Leader of the Parks, Buildings and Grounds Division of the Town of Woodland Park.



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